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Shopaholic on the looseMinimal fashion experiment: Confessions of a fashion victim

I am a real fashion victim. Fashion is my drug and like every addict I am torn between my guilty conscience and shoes. And clothes. And blouses. And jeans. AND handbags ... But you know what? I'm just standing by and I'll tell you why.

I am a #wonderbarECHTES Fashion-Victim - and from now on, I'm just on it!
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  1. Find! Your! Own! Style!
  2. Marie Kondo: Is Insight the first step to recovery?
  3. Views of a fashion victim

"Fashion is transient. Style never. "At least that's what Coco Chanel said and today's trend movements seem to agree with her: minimalism, fair fashion, sustainability and conscious fashion consumption are very popular. Fast Fashion was yesterday - the future is "Capsule Wardrobe".

Honestly: I think the idea that my wardrobe would only consist of 12 parts, all of which can be combined in an incredibly cool and cool way, is fantastic. After all, I would then get the wardrobe doors without a wrestling match and could enter my apartment, without running against shoe box pile ... So far the dream - the reality looks different.

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Find! Your! Own! Style!

Most guidebooks for a "capsule wardrobe" are based on the principle of "own style". Humming - I feel like I was excited and full of enthusiasm on the way to the fashion mecca just driven against the garage wall. I have no style. My fashion freedom has no reverse! Because that's exactly what I enjoy about fashion so much fun: I can dress every day as I feel and just reinvent myself when I feel like it. Fashion not only entices me, it encourages me - a once very introverted person who has not eaten his self-esteem with spoons today - to carry on outside what I like and how I feel. Through my fashion experiments I learn to be myself and to live with the fact that others often do not like what they see (keyword Ugly Dad sneaker). Meanwhile, I manage to leave the house without asking my friend ten times, "Is that okay?" Ok, I admit, it's also a bit of a merit. Because four out of five outfits hit me with scathing criticism, I've learned, according to the motto "Eat or Die", to find something that I like to keep on looking beautiful when someone else does not like it.

Marie Kondo: Is Insight the first step to recovery?

Insight (or a little activist sister) is the first step to recovery: so they say. That many people think I'm completely stupid because of my obsession with fashion, because they simply can not understand my interest and my enthusiasm, I honestly (even as a vegetarian) totally does not care. But: I do my best to be a good person. Consuming clothes massively, whose production is made possible by the suffering of people, animals and the environment, fits neither my personality nor my self-image. At this point, the concept of self-expression through fashion collides not only with the hard facts of the fashion industry, but also with itself (which brings us back to a Capsule Wardrobe and Marie Kondo ...). This sounds like a dilemma, but it is only conditional, because you often only find yourself by rubbing against the external circumstances, facts, and opinions of others. Life is not completely black or completely white ... For my part, I have decided to give up neither my love of fashion nor my moral demands on myself. Sounds like an unrealistic dream too? Is not it. And at this point, Marie Kondo actually helped me (though she might not quite agree with my interpretation of her philosophy) - my wardrobe is loud (I can not go into the shoe box thing now), but it does not matter which one Part I pull out: I love it! Well, what do you say, Marie?

Views of a fashion victim

The problem is that neither a minimalistic Capsule Wardrobe nor an order à la Marie Kondo suit me. Fast fashion and selfish, unreflecting clothing consumption, however, just as little. So I decided on a middle ground: I keep on shopping, which has it all - but according to strict criteria: In my wardrobe comes only, in what I really fall in love. Quality is the top priority and, if possible, a fair and sustainable production. There is no short-circuit buying for me - before I adopt, it is reflected in a dissertation-like intensity about whether the newcomer can be worn often, in many different combinations and best of all for years. And yes, at this point I also consult the opinion of others. However, most of them quickly escape in such a case because they simply can not understand why the idea of ​​buying a pair of shoes can take on the dimensions of an existential essay. The decisive factor is my own feeling at the end. Bottom line, I do not shop half as much with these guidelines as I did a year or two ago. So I'm definitely taking steps to "get better".

Is that the perfect solution? Certainly not, but it's my best solution at this point and I decide that my best is good enough. I am a vegetarian with a lot of leather shoes - live with it!

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