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Dirndl & Co.The most beautiful high-necked dirndl for 2019!

Buttoned? Yup! Frank? Was yesterday! In 2019, traditional, high-necked dirndls are in fashion! We show you the most beautiful clothes and reveal how you best stylst them!

Frank was yesterday - in 2019 we wear high-necked Dirndl!
Photo: PR / Ludwig & Therese

It's getting traditional again - the colors and patterns of the dirndl dresses are covered and the cut of this season is high-necked. We show the most beautiful high-necked Dirndl and give tips on the right styling!

the essentials in brief

  • In 2019, the high-minded Dirndl is making a comeback
  • It looks festive and elegant
  • With this Dirndl cut you can also omit the blouse well
  • The most beautiful match traditional fabrics and patterns

The most beautiful high-necked Dirndl to buy

The classic blue midi dirndl

RRP: EUR 119.95 Price: EUR 104.95
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Traditionally, this cotton washdirndl comes in a rich blue with a white pattern and the matching apron. The slight V-neck and classic metal buttons give this dirndl dress a very traditional touch and make it an eye-catcher for your next Oktoberfest visit. A particularly pretty detail that makes this timeless Dirndl by MarJo is the additional waistband with old silver apron buckle and gives this traditional dress that extra something.

The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Style: high-necked dirndl with a slight V-neck in a rich dark blue with a white pattern
  • Skirt length: 60 centimeters (midi length, knee-length)
  • Scope: dirndl dress, matching dirndl apron and a waistband with metal clasp
  • Sizes: Available from size 32 to 42
  • Cost: About 105 euros

Berry kisses pink

Price: EUR 179, 95
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This dirndl is love at first sight! The combination of delicately pink apron and the dress in strong berry tones is classic and beautiful. The delicate scattered flower pattern and the metal buttons also underline the traditional character of this vintage brain by Nübler. Clever: The small stand-up collar and the lightweight V-neck loosen up the high-necked look slightly. An enthusiastic customer writes: "Very fast delivery, Dirndl fits perfectly."

The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Style: high-necked dirndl with a small stand-up collar and a slight V-neck in
  • Fabric color: The dress inspires with a strong berry tone and a delicate scattered flower pattern and a matching pink apron
  • Skirt length: 60 centimeters (midi length, knee-length)
  • Cost: about 180 euros

Midi Dirndl Lene

RRP: EUR 194, 95 Price: EUR 179, 95
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This high-necked Dirndl by Berwin & Wolff is simply a dream. The bodice inspires us with its bright blue color and white pattern, while the skirt and apron of the dress contrast in subtle gray. Very refined: The traditional skirt is delicately white checkered and the apron with white dots pattern. The quality of this dress is very good, not only reflects the sensational 5 Amazon stars, but also shows this satisfied customer review: " Have now the third Dirndl of the brand Berwin and Wolf and am always happy about the Dirndl, as appropriate great and the quality is good! Would like to buy sooo many great Dirndls. "

The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Style: Vintagedirndl with high-necked bodice, lightweight V-neckline and a small stand-up collar
  • Fabric color: light blue bodice with white, floral pattern, gray traditional skirt and apron with white dots
  • Skirt length: 70 centimeters (midi length, knee-length)
  • Cost: about 180

High-necked dirndl - with or without a blouse?

A blouse belongs to the dirndl as the hops to the beer - only the high-necked dirndl allows it to be worn even without a blouse. Especially in the summer time, we leave the blouse in this dress happy and show a little more skin. If you like to combine a dirndl blouse, then the high-necked 3/4 length blouse is the first choice. Matching models include mini-stand-up collar or delicate lace like these two sweethearts, which you can order directly through Amazon:

Price: EUR 39.90 Buy at Amazon Ad

RRP: EUR 59.95 Price: EUR 39.95 Buy at Amazon Ad

What hairstyle do I combine with a high-necked dirndl?

Traditionally, a romantically playful braiding hairstyle fits best with the dirndl. There are dirndl hairstyles in which you put your hair up completely or pretty half-open variants with which you can make a great look to your vintage brain.

Especially in 2019, braided hairstyles with flower wreaths are again in fashion. Here is a guide on how to easily integrate a trendy floral wreath into your braiding hairstyle:

Braids for long hair: Beautiful and easy

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Create basic braiding yourself

You have good shoulder-length hair and would like to braid a classic French braid? Then here comes a little guide to making yourself:

  1. Ideally, your hair is not freshly washed - so they have more grip and can not slipping so easily
  2. For a central braid, you first comb all hair backwards
  3. Now you divide it, right in front of the Opberkopf, in three equal-sized games and weave them into each other
  4. Then you take each of the left and right side of a new strand and put it over the middle
  5. You do that until all the hair is in your braid

Your hair is short? Then here are a few suggestions for cute braids for short hair!

Braids Short hair braids: hairstyles with instructions

Elegant high-necked dirndl for a festive occasion

Alone through its cut, the high-necked Dirndl - with or without sleeves - already looks elegant and timeless. Fabrics such as velvet, silk and lace make the Dirndl dress look particularly classy. Classic colors such as black, dark blue or intense berry or green tones give this vintagedirndl a particularly fine touch.

Especially as a dress for a wedding or other solemn matters, high-necked dirndls are an elegant alternative to a cocktail dress. We have selected a few particularly beautiful models for you here:

RRP: EUR 304, 95 Price: EUR 294, 95
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Price: EUR 169, 95
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RRP: EUR 269.95 Price: EUR 195.95 Buy at Amazon Ad

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High-necked Dirndl - With sleeves

The most popular and most popular are dirndl dresses without sleeves. Depending on the choice of your blouse, you can choose long or short-sleeved model and complete your outfit. Of course there are also high-necked dirndl dresses sewn with short or long sleeves. Two pretty variants picked out for you:

Price: EUR 139.90
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Price: Buy at Amazon ad

Conclusion for Dirndl with high-necked collar

A high-necked dirndl looks elegant and timeless. With this cut, you can also omit the blouse or you also wear a trendy high-necked dirndl blouse with lace or a small stand-up collar.

For all celebrations, such as weddings, christenings or round birthdays it is a nice alternative to the cocktail dress. Traditional are muted colors, such as black, dark blue or burgundy - but pastel shades are allowed and give this Dirndltyp a girlish image.