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Johnny Depp loves whiskey until beyond death

Johnny Depp develops new funeral ideas

Our Hollywood favorite Johnny Depp is known for his excessive side. Now he has said that he even wants to be buried in a whiskey barrel! In his current film "The Rum Diary" Johnny Depp plays an alcoholic journalist, more specifically Hunter S. Thompson. Already in the movie "Fear and Loathing Las Vegas" Johnny Depp had embodied his friend Hunter. And more: after the author's death in 2005, Johnny Depp had given him one last wish by letting Hunter's ashes fill in a giant cannon and then catapulting to the sky. Burying in the whiskey barrel The television movie TV Movie Johnny now told that he does not want to measure himself privately with the alcohol consumption in his films. Nevertheless, the Hollywood star has a really bizarre idea what to do with his body after his death: He wants to be buried in a whiskey barrel, from which each of his guests drink a sip! Absolutely crazy! Hopefully the funeral of Johnny Deep is still a long way off! Still, what do you think of his bizarre funeral idea? JF

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