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Naked Celebrity Nipples: Accident or PR Trick?

Are the nipple pans of Nicki Minaj, JLo and Co. intended?

Naomi Campbell / ©

Slowly but surely, the nipple pan develops into a real phenomenon in star circles. As often as the female celebrity slips out of the top, it's almost impossible to believe in an accident. Recently, "90210" star AnnyLynne McCord posted a photo of herself on Twitter, inadvertently showing off her right nipple. Of course she deleted the recording after a few minutes, it was all a mistake, but perhaps that might have fueled her media presence in a cheap way: Keira Knightley's nipple show was a mistake, and Lady Gaga and Rihanna hardly nodded Nicki Minaj in the middle of the stage the chest from the extremely tight top, Jennifer Lopez was a guest in "Wetten Dass" insights into her blouse, which were rather sinful. We still want to let go of Keira Knightley's slipped neckline on the red carpet as a real mishap, that of Milla Jovovich, but what Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Tila Tequila have hinted at, is richly staged. Look at the pictures of our nipplepine gallery and judge What a real oversight and what a clever promotion was: SE

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