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Great bargains! Cheap Dirndl - the best clothes to order

You are looking for a pretty dirndl dress, but do not want to spend any fortune? Then you will find cheap Dirndl in all colors, lengths and sizes. Also a couple of dirndl for little girls are there.

Whether cotton, silk, lace or velvet pretty dirndl is also available in favorable!
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So that you grab the most beautiful Dirndl dresses - just before they are all out of stock at the beginning of the Oktoberfest - we looked around for you in the net and show you a fine selection of beautiful and at the same time cheap Dirndl.

Ready? Here we go:

the essentials in brief

  • A dirndl flatters all types of figurines and is a stylish alternative to a cocktail dress on festive occasions
  • High-necked dirndls and matching dirndl blouses are in fashion this season
  • A well-fitting dirndl bra conjures up a seductive décolleté and is therefore indispensable
  • Whether cotton, silk, lace, tulle or velvet - all materials and colors are allowed - whatever you like best

Cheap Dirndl - Nice clothes to order

Under 50 Euro - a mini Dirndl made of cotton

Price: EUR 42.90
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This cute mini dirndl features traditional embroidery on the bodice, a matching apron and a classic, white dirndl blouse with light puffy sleeves. The complete set you get - depending on clothing size - already around 40 €.

How well this Dirndl sits, writes a customer: " I'm pleasantly surprised, I'm wearing size 38 and have ordered the table and a 38. It fits well and looks good too .. The shipping was fast (two days) In any case, wash it beforehand because it rubs off something ".

The details:

  • Material: cotton and polyester
  • Special features: Complete set of mini dirndl dress, apron and dirndl blouse
  • Color options: The black dress is available in the following combinations: black with green, purple, pink or blue
  • Cost: About 40 euros

Under 100 Euro - an elegant midi dirndl in old rose

RRP: EUR 99.90 Price: EUR 94.90
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With this dress we are immediately enthused. The bodice is laced with a pink satin ribbon and is a real eye-catcher. The combination of light gray and delicate old rose looks classy and feminine. Matching this dirndl, there is an elaborately embroidered and transparent dirndl apron. The complete dress is available from around 90 euros.

Styling tip: Choose a simple, white dirndl blouse. High necked models in lace or cotton with a small stand-up collar are suggested this season.

The details:

  • Material: Midi dirndl made of a cotton-polyester blend
  • Special features: Elaborately embroidered top apron and bodice top
  • Skirt length: 60 centimeters
  • Cost: About 90 euros

Under 100 Euro - high-necked dirndl with rose embroidery

Günstige Dirndl – Schöne Kleider zum Bestellen
Photo: PR

High-necked dirndls, such as this beautiful Dirndl dress by Ramona Lippert, are in hot demand this year. The Dirndl Clarissa inspires with 100 percent cotton quality and a pretty rose pattern on the light gray bodice top.

An enthusiastic customer writes about it on Amazon: " The fabric is great and the fit is perfect.Maybe I would have a smaller size also fit, but a little air to breathe is so great.The price is unbeatable.First I thought it was something but I like it ".

The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Skirt length: 60 centimeters
  • Special features: High-necked midi dirndl with elaborately decorated bodice top
  • Cost: About 90 euros

Under 100 Euro - the traditional dirndl for lacing

RRP: EUR 99.95 Price: EUR 79.95
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Traditionally, the bodice of this dirndl is laced with a hook lacing and a matching, dark blue satin ribbon. In the set there is a dark blue apron with white tendril pattern. The dirndl dress reaches to just below the knee - the hip midi length.

With 4.8 out of 5 stars, it's Amazon's choice among dirndl dresses. An enthusiastic buyer writes: "E in really high quality beautiful Dirndl. A great quality. It fits like a glove !! And for the price! Great! I combine it, I think, now and then with a dark red or pink silk apron - fits everything ".

The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Skirt Length: Until just below the knee
  • Special features: Silver hook lacing with satin ribbon and matching border on bodice top
  • Cost: About 80 euros
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Under 100 Euro - black midi dirndl with hook lacing

RRP: EUR 119.95 Price: EUR 99.95
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You love classic black dirndl? Then you might like this pretty Midi Dirndl from Almsach with a discreet gray apron? Especially nice: The bodice part with silver hooks is for lacing and the skirt length is knee-length.

The customers love this dirndl dress and give it fantastic 5 out of 5 stars. An enthusiastic customer writes on Amazon: " Very nice Dirndl.Habe it ordered a size larger, because almost all dirndls are small. The quality is very good."

The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Skirt length: midi length (knee-length)
  • Special features: Different color options (dark blue, ice blue, dark green, red and burgundy) to order and the bodice part comes with a silver hook lacing
  • Cost: About 100 euros
Günstige Dirndl – Schöne Kleider zum Bestellen
No matter if cheap or expensive dirndl - there are a few rules to follow when tying your bow.
Photo: iStock / suteishi

Cheap Dirndl - so you tie your loop properly

Your new Dirndl has arrived at your home and you are already in the starting blocks? Then here are a few tips on how to tie your dirndl apron correctly:

  1. Traditionally you tie it at the waist and not on the hip
  2. When binding, make sure the straps on your apron are nicely padded and have no wrinkled areas
  3. Lay the individual bands in a criss-cross - without them contracting in length
  4. Once you have finished binding your bow, then plait both loops to their maximum width
  5. Important: Never make a double knot - so the tapes are way too short and it does not look pretty

This tells you the position of your dirndl loop about your relationship status

You have found the perfect dirndl with apron for you, but do not know how to tie this properly? Then here are the ultimate tips on how to put the right 'signs' when tying your apron:

  • Tie the loop on the left : Knot it on the left front (always from the point of view of the wearer), you say with it: "I am unbound, single and single" - a little help: "loop left, luck brings"
  • Tie the loop on the right : Bound on this page, it means "I'm in love, engaged or married"
  • Tie the bow at the back center : Traditionally, widowed women tie their bow in the back center. Also at this point knead the Oktoberfest operations their loops, since they hamper at this point least at work
  • The loop tied in the middle of the middle : This position is usually reserved for children, young girls
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Cheap Dirndl - big sizes

You are looking for a dirndl for larger clothing sizes? We looked around and found some nice models that fit very well with women with a big bust size.

Under 50 Euro - Amazon's Choice Midi Dirndl black-pink

RRP: EUR 39.90 Price: EUR 59.90
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The Dirndl by Trachtenpoint Dirndl comes in a set including apron and blouse. For just under 40 euros you get a cute pink and black Dirndl. How well it fits, also show the many positive customer reviews.

As a customer writes: " I am 178 centimeters tall and weigh 78 kilograms.Usually I order either the sizes 40, 42 or 44. Here, I was on the safe side, because of the dimensions in the description, and ordered size 44. Fits Perfect and the workmanship is surprisingly impeccable and the shell even underlaid ".

Under 100 euros - the elegant dirndl with stand-up collar

Price: EUR 99.95
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If you are looking for a high-quality dirndl in large sizes, you might like the model Marianne von Edelnice, which comes with an apron and a charivari. The gray-silver shades in combination with dark blue apron look noble and elegant. The dirndl can be ordered up to size 54.

A confident customer writes: " A chic dirndl! I thought, due to some reviews, that I can not expect too much from the dirndl, but it fits perfectly, looks great, and is super processed - looks more expensive than it actually is Can I recommend to anyone ".

Under 100 euros - the classic Waschdirndl

RRP: EUR 104.95 Price: EUR 99.95 Buy at Amazon Ad

This timeless cotton dirndl from Almsach is also available up to size 54. The dress comes with apron and convinces the customers by high quality workmanship a good fit.

As one client points out: " My new favorite DDNDL came to me very quickly, the colors are exactly as shown, and it is also very well sewn and has a good fit! I was also pleased about the price. All in all, really great dirndl ".

Cheap Dirndl for girls

Little girls look too cute their mini Dirndl. But they also grow out quickly, which is why the mini costume may not cost much. We've got a couple of sweet-and-sweet dirndls for kids on Amazon that are affordable on a budget too:

Under 50 euros - floral Dirndl in dark construction

Price: EUR 41, 95 Buy at Amazon Ad

Just cute! The dark blue dirndl with the delicate white flowers comes with a red apron and a white blouse with little puffed sleeves. With sensational 5 out of 5 Amazon stars, this dress is rated fantastic and a real bargain. Here is the ratio price-performance.

An avid customer writes: " Very beautiful workmanship, the lace trim that peeps out from the hem of the dress is actually a sewn-in petticoat, the blouse is very pretty and the apron can be fixed with a button on the dress ".

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Under 50 Euro - dark blue dirndl with pink apron

RRP: EUR 40.95 Price: EUR 39.95
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This color combination makes every girl's heart beat faster. The dark blue plaid dress comes with a pink apron and a white blouse. The set is available from size 80 to size 164 and is rated fantastic.

A customer writes: " A very beautiful and sweet Dirndl.My daughter, six years, like it very well.I have taken it in size 134 (normal 128) and it fits exactly.Very highly recommended and for the price is the quality okay."

Under 50 euros - pink dirndl with blouse and apron

Price: EUR 54.90
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The beautiful pink dirndl dress with small scattered flowers will make your daughter's eyes shine. Together with a white apron and a blouse comes the complete set for about 50 euros to your home.

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