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Crochet TutorialTutorial: Crochet shirt in Tunisian style

Crochet shirt: This shirt in Tunisian style you can crochet with our guide yourself.

XS - 32/24 / S - 36/38 / M - 40/42 / L - 44/46
/ XL - 48/50

The values ​​for the individual sizes are separated one after the other by slashes from the smallest to the largest size.

The T-shirt in Tunisian style makes you want to spring
Photo: Lana Grossa

Each size is marked with a different color. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

Schachenmayr Tahiti
(99% cotton, 1% polyester, about 280 m = 50 g)
Color 07642 (exotic) 4/5/5/6/6 balls

From Milward a crochet hook No. 3
From Milward a Tunisian crochet hook No. 3, 5
A woolen needle to sew the threads

cm = centimeter
fixed M = fixed mesh (s)
g = grams
Hinr = row (s)
Airm = air mesh (s)

M = mesh (s)
M member (s) = mesh member (s)
R = row (s)
Randm = edge mesh (s)
Return = back row (s)
Stb = chopsticks
Pre-R = pre-row

Start: Crochet airm-stop and 1 round M.
Basic pattern: Tunisian chopsticks pattern. Each counted row consists of one row = M and crochet 1 row = M.
1. Hinr: With 2 Luftm the first solid M pass, 1 turn, in the following sting M and take 1 noose on the needle, then 2 loops abmchenchen (= 1 half emaciated tr), repeat from  always.

2. Back: Do not turn over the work. Pull thread through1 loop, ab cut off 2 loops together, repeat from  always.

3. Note: Do not turn over the work. With 2 airm pass over the edge,  1 turn, pierce the needle from right to left through the vertical M-limb of the pre-R and take 1 noose on the needle, then cut off 2 loops (= 1 half-emaciated tr), from  always repeat.
For the Randm 1 envelope, prick the needle through 2 fabric threads (this will make the border more beautiful) then cut off 2 loops. Always repeat the 2nd and 3rd Rs. Finishing: Crochet 1 round Kettm around the vertical M-pieces of the pre-R.

22 sts and 8/16 rs = 10 x 10 cm count back and forth as 1 sts. Count the margins in the width.

Back piece: cast on 90/98/106/116/128 air + 1 turn with crochet hook no. 3 and crochet 1 round sts. Change to the Tunisian crochet hook No. 3, 5 and crochet the 1st row from the basic pattern, then repeat the 2nd and 3rd rows = 90/98/106/116/128 tr.
For the neckline after 53/53/55/55/55 cm = 42/42/44/44/44 R the middle 46

Click here to download the manual.

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