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Bookmark with embossing butterfly

  • Pink photo carton
  • Motif punch with butterfly motif (eg

      by Knorr Prandell; Craft store)
    • Pink satin ribbon (craft shop)
    • Stamp with butterfly motif (eg from Heindesign, craft shop)
    • Embossing powder (eg from Viva Decor; craft shop)
    • Toaster or hot air dryer
    • scissors

    1. Cut pink photo card to a rectangle.

    2. For the band, cut out a small butterfly in the middle of the upper edge with the motif punch. Pull on satin ribbon.

    3. Press the butterfly stamp into the ink pad and press the motif onto the photo carton. Sprinkle embossing powder over a plate on the motif. Tap off excess powder and put it back in the pack.

    4. Hold the stamped motif over a toaster or heat it with a hot air blower (motive looks upwards) until the powder has melted and the motif looks vivid.

    TIP: An ordinary hair dryer is not suitable for this technique because it does not get hot enough.

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