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So sick does WhatsApp: Everything about Whatsappitis

Attention! If you type too much on your smartphone, you risk your health.
Photo: Ocean / Corbis

Too much typing hurts!

Sending messages via WhatsApp is now part of everyday life: while discussing the evening planning or just with friends back and forth, quickly two hours have passed. The fact that the excessive typing can not only be time-consuming, but also harmful to health, had to be experienced by a woman in Spain.

The pregnant 34-year-old had sent countless messages to friends and relatives via WhatsApp . When she woke up the next morning, she felt severe pain in both wrists and was then taken to the hospital.

Since she had never suffered wrist injuries in the past, or had previously done hard labor, the doctor made a bizarre diagnosis: whatsappitis .

With both thumbs, the patient had continuously typed messages into her 130g mobile phone for over six hours. This, according to the attending physician, led to an overload that is very similar to that of Nintenditis and Wiitis (caused by excessive Nintendo or Wii play).

Only a few days later, she picked up her cell phone again - to whatsappen ...

If you want to avoid Whatsappitis, give your thumb a break. Or just call in case of emergency.

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