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TrachtenmodeDirndlbluse - These are the fashionable models of 2019

Whether lace, stand-up collar or a high-necked model - the selection of dirndl blouses is huge. We reveal which models are announced in 2019 and what you should pay attention to when buying.

In 2019 we will choose transparent fabrics and lace for our dirndl blouse.
Photo: PR / Limberry

Costumes lovers know it long ago: summer time is dirndl time. You would like to invest a new Dirndl dress, but not in a completely new outfit? You do not have to! We'll show you how to dress up your traditional dress with a new dirndl blouse and make a fresh look in the blink of an eye.

The essentials in brief:

  • Whether white, cream or lace - everything is allowed. It is only important that your dirndl blouse fits the dirndl
  • The trend 2019: A high-necked dirndl blouse
  • A dirndl without a blouse? This is also a no-go in 2019!
  • It always ends below the chest and should not wrinkle under your dirndl dress

Our favorite dirndl blouses on Amazon

Like last year, this year's high-necked dirndl blouses are mega-awesome and lace continues to be a favorite material in the first place. New for 2019 models with hole embroidery.

We've been looking for the nicest and most popular dirndl blouses on Amazon to sell out and tell you what to look for when combining your blouse. Here we go:

Our favorite number 1 - The high-necked Dirndl blouse made of white cotton

A dirndl blouse that pleases us super well comes from Himmelreich . On this model we love the classic elements such as the small stand-up collar, the pretty tucks on the front. And, whether you have a balconette dirndl or a high-necked dress, you combine this traditional blouse with all dirndl models and you do not have to invest a fortune.

Price: EUR 34.90
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A satisfied customer writes about it: " Really great blouse! Especially the game in front with the buttons upwards looks very sweet under the dirndl. Good material, fits great, I would definitely order again!"

The details:

  • Material: cotton fabric and jersey stretch back
  • Rating: Very good 4.6 out of 5 Amazon stars
  • Cost: About 40 euros

Our favorite number 2 - with top details

You would like to have a very high-necked model? Then maybe you like this blouse. She looks seductive and romantic, despite the high-necked collar, which is due to the delicate lace details. The small stand-up collar and the short sleeves give this blouse a simple, yet refined touch. As an avid customer writes: " The material is very beautiful and very well made, the lace does not scratch and the white fabric is tightly woven and comfortable to wear, the sleeves have a nice width - it does not cut in . I can just recommend it. "

Price: EUR 79.99
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The details:

  • Material: 100 percent cotton
  • Specials: Bestseller number 1 among dirndl blouses at Amazon
  • Cost: About 80 euros

Our favorite number 3 - The transparent Dirndbluse from lace

Lace and transparency are two other great trends for Dirndl blouses of the 2019 season. We fell in love with the model of MarJo, which turns our heads with its delicate lace look, the traditional buttons and its high-necked collar. Classic in white, this pretty blouse fits to all our dirndl dresses - from classic dark blue to light yellow dirndl.

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The details:

  • Material: nylon
  • Special features: The blouse is made entirely of lace
  • Rating: Very good 4.5 out of 5 Amazon stars
  • Cost: About 40 euros

How to combine your dirndl blouse properly

Depending on the material, cutout shape and material of your dirndl, there are some style rules that you should look out for when combining your dirndl blouse.

Which blouse suits which neckline?

The Balconette Dirndl

  • High-necked Dirndl blouses fit very well on a square, low neckline. This guy is mainly women with a smaller breast size and is currently totally hip. Especially nice: This season there are many pretty variants with lace and hole embroidery, which look seductive and playful
  • However, if you like to emphasize your cleavage, then you choose to this dirndl type best an angular Carré or a blouse with a small stand-up collar and a slight V-neck. Depending on how luxuriant your dirndl and apron are already decorated, your blouse may also like to be with flounces and embroidery

The sweetheart neckline

As the name implies, you also combine the matching dirndl blouse with heart-shaped neckline for this special neckline type. A beautiful, classic model made of a cotton microfiber blend, for example, from Almbock for about 40 euros to order.

Price: EUR 39.99
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The high-necked Dirndl dress

These traditional dresses are very popular again this year and we wear matching, high-necked blouses. The only alternative you can also wear well: a dirndl blouse with a high collar and a slight V-neck.

The material of your dirndl

For a usually rather simple cotton, or even 'Waschdirndl' you may choose a slightly more playful blouse with lace or ruffled details. This sets contrasts and looks fresh and modern. Is your dirndl dress, on the other hand, made of fine silk material and also elaborately decorated and embroidered? Then combine a plain blouse with little lace and sleek flat sleeves.

What else is there to note

  • Whether mini, midi, or long dirndl - the skirt length does not play a decisive role in the choice of your dirndl blouse and is allowed, what pleases and matches the style of the dirndl
  • The color: Whether cream, white or black - all shades are announced this season - so that your look is consistent, we recommend that you choose this according to the color of the dress
  • The arm's length: announced in 2019, are dirndl blouses with half-length and very long sleeves
  • You would rather show a little more skin? Dingle blouses without sleeves are mega in this year
  • In general - no matter if long sleek sleeve or short puffed sleeve - a blouse belongs to the dirndl dress and makes your outfit complete
Dirndlbluse – Das sind die angesagten Modelle 2019
In this season 2019 are totally hip materials such as lace and shortened sleeves.
Photo: PR / Limberry

The high-necked dirndl blouse

Dirndl blouses with a high-necked collar were already in fashion last year and will be back in 2019, which is why we are dedicating our own blouse to this type of blouse. Do you think that high-necked blouses look conservative? Yes, they are too, but playful elements made of lace or a transparent material, these models look sexy and seductive, despite the high collar. In addition, you combine this blouse type quite easily and he is really every type of figure.

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What you should consider when buying a high neck blouse

  • Choose a model with lace or transparent fabric elements - this looks girlish, young and fresh
  • Always make sure that your dirndl blouse is in contrast to your dirndl dress: If it is playful, rather reach for a simple model, in order to 'break down' the look something. If it is rather simple, then your blouse likes to attract attention with embroidery (for example, broderie embroidery)
  • You still have the tip and transparent material- still the feeling that your blouse something 'bieder' acts? How about a sleeveless model? These guys are totally hip this season and show a lot of skin

Sleeveless dirndl blouse to order

And here we come to the second mega trend for the 2019 season: Sleeveless blouses. Ok, I admit, this tred is certainly best for women with well-trained, slender upper arms. But 'anyway' - even if our arms have no model measurements and we feel well, we wear this blouse this year, of course, to our Dirndl.

A dirndl blouse without sleeves comes from costumes Stoiber and delights with sweet little lace collar and enchanting mother of pearl buttons and costs about 40 euros

Price: EUR 37, 95 Buy at Amazon Ad

Super sleek and with a slight V-neck is the sleeveless Dirndl Blouse Almbock for about 70 € on Amazon to order.

Price: EUR 69.99
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Cheap dirndl blouses under 50 euros

Oktoberfest is only once a year and the opportunity to perform your dirndl is rather rare throughout the year. So we do not want to spend too much money on our dirndl. But we still want a modern, aggressive look. How does it work? We show you a few dirndl blouses that are guaranteed to cost less than 50 euros and are very modern:

  1. The classic, white dirndl blouse made of cotton with mini-sleeves and décolleté is from Himmelreich and can be ordered from Amazon for just under 20 euros - the ideal blouse to change if you should go to Oktoberfest for several days in a row
  2. For those who are looking for a high-necked Dirndl blouse with hole embroidery, we recommend this pretty blouse with 3/4 sleeves, which you can already buy for about 40 euros on Amazon
  3. If you are looking for a black dirndl blouse made of lace, you might like this non-iron model by Steindl Trachten (about 30 Euro)
Dirndlbluse – Das sind die angesagten Modelle 2019
High-necked blouses made of lace, often in black, are a mega trend for the 2019 season
Photo: PR / Limberry

Dirndl blouse with stand-up collar

Actually, a classic, which already exists under the Dirndl blouses again and again for decades, reinvents itself in 2019: dirndl blouses with stand-up collar are very elegant and fit especially well with fine Dirndl dresses very well.

You should pay attention to this when choosing your stand-up collar:

  • A small stand-up collar looks girlish and delicate and you combine this blouse form to so-called cotton washdirndl
  • High-cut, this collar looks elegant and feminine, and more in line with dirndl dresses made of materials such as silk or velvet

A classic blouse with a stand-up collar and 373 long sleeves comes from Hess Trachtenmode and costs about 50 euros

Also very traditional is the dirndl blouse from Hammerschmid, which impresses with a stand-up collar and a classic décolleté (about 40 euros)

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Conclusion dirndl blouses

A dirndl blouse belongs to the Dirndl dress as the Amen in the church. In this season 2019 high-necked dirndl blouses with lace, broderie and transparent materials are in high demand. Also dirndl blouses without sleeves are 2019 highly in the course. When choosing the right blouse, we make sure that we consciously contrast it with our dirndl dress. This looks fresh and fashionable.

As a rule of thumb, the more sumptuous our dress is, the more subtle our dirndl blouse should be and vice versa!

For most dirndl dresses we combine a white blouse. A black blouse we wear only to the black Dirndl or combine them with muted, dark shades. Beautiful and modern dirndl blouses are already cheap to buy and give your dirndl a new 'twist'. Ideally, your dirndl blouse does not fold under your bodice and ends just below the chest.