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Free-knitting tutorial for a poncho

Photo: Lana Grossa
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  3. Knitting instructions for a poncho

Knitting Special "At a glance"

Ponchos are in fashion again this fall and winter! How about simply knitting your trend piece yourself this year?

Size 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46

The figures for size 40/42 and 44/46 are in brackets. If there is only one indication, this applies to all sizes.


  • Lana Grossa Olympia Pastello (53% virgin wool, 47% acrylic, run length 100 m / 100 g) 700 g raw white / silver gray / light gray / light green / blue / rosé (Fb 601) or 600 g for the poncho
  • Cap; Knitting Needles No. 12
  • a 40 cm long circular needles no. 12
  • Playing Needles No. 10.

Knitting instructions for a poncho


1 st, 1 ml in alternation.


Smooth re (back, back left).

Kraus re:

Back and forth re.

Braid over 9 M:

1st round (= round): 9 rounds 2nd and all follow. Back: 9 M li. 3rd round (= round): 9 rounds 5. R (= Hinr): Put 3 sts on a needle before work, 3 sts, then the sts of the needle needle, 3 sts. 7. R (= Hinr): 9 M re. 9. R (= Hinr): 9 M re. 11. R (= front): 3 sts, put 3 sts on an auxiliary needle behind the work, 3 sts, then the st of the auxiliary needle right. The 1st - 12th R always wdh.

Small pear pattern:

M-number divisible by 2. 1 st, 1 ml in alternation. In each R / Rd the Mversetzen.


8.5 M and 13 R = 10 x 10 cm (basic pattern with needles no. 12); 9 M and 13R = 8 x 10 cm (cable pattern with needles no. 12); 9.5 M and 19 Rd = 10 x 10 cm (small pear pattern with needles No. 10).


Cast on 65 sts with needle size 12 mm and knit 5 rows garter st, beginning with row 1 sts. Then split sts as follows: 5 sts (including edge st), 23 sts basic pattern, 9 sts braid, 23 sts basic pattern, 5 sts M (including Randm). Continue in 29 (27/25) cm total height over all M in the basic pattern. In 54.5 cm total height all M abk.


As the back part str.


Clamp the parts according to the section, moisten and allow to dry. Close shoulder seams. From the neckline pick up 60 sts with round needles nr. 12 and cut 22 cms in a small pear pattern. M abk. For the armhole apertures on both sides, take the shoulders over 25.5 (27.5 / 29.5) cm each 36 (40/44) sts with the circular needle no. 12 and work 5 rounds in the stich pattern. M abk. At the open edges of the side seams in every 2nd R each one 22cm long fringe (= finished length) tie.

Knitting tip - tensioning and steaming for a uniform stitch pattern

Most pieces of knitting should be stretched before sewing them together. This makes the mesh image more uniform, curled edges become smoother, and patterns that contract sharply (such as ribs) stretch slightly, giving it a more beautiful texture.

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