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Summer knittingKnitting pattern for a halter top

Knitting works, too, when it's really hot! So maybe try this neckholder top? Thanks to pure alpaca, it is also very comfortable.

Airy and light: this top is perfect in the heat.
Photo: DROPS Design A / S

Size: S (M / L / XL)

That's what you need for the top:

  • Lamana Piura (100% alpaca, LL approx. 400 m / 50g) in nature (Fb 00), 150 (150/200/200) g, in pastel blue (Fb 43), for each size 50g
  • Circular Needle 4.0 and 4.5 mm (both 80 cm in length)
  • wool needle

Notes on the instructions:

Smooth right in round: all M right str.
Smooth on the right in R: in all back rows all sts on the right st, on all back rows all sts left st.

2 sts right and 2 sts left alternating st. Edge-M (unless otherwise stated) Knot margin: all margins-M right str.

10 cm x 10 cm plain right knitted with Nd-gauge 4.5 mm, washed and stretched: 22 M x 32 R

The top is knitted double-pile from bottom to top.
When double-knitting a thread from the inside and outside of a ball can be used in each case.

Knitting diagram for the top.
Photo: DROPS Design A / S

And this is how it's done:

176 (184/192/200) M with Nd-Thickness 4 in Pastel Blue, close to Rd (mark R beginning with an M-marker) and work 3 cm in cuff pattern, while doing 88 (92/96/100) sts set another M marker for the page marker.
After approx. 3 cm change cuff pattern to Nd-Thickness 4.5 and work 7 cm straight right straight up.
After 10 cm in pastel blue a lace pattern str:
1st round: * 1 st, 2 sts in stocking st *, from * to * always up to the end of round.
2nd round: All M right str.
3rd round: Like the 1st round st.
4th round: As the 2nd round st.
After the hole pattern (after a total of about 11 cm in pastel blue) change the Fb and another 30 (31/32/33) cm in natural str. Then a total of about 41 cm (42/43/44) cm are knitted.
For the upper part of the top, divide the work at the beginning of the Rd into the front and the back: Take the first 88 (92/96/100) sts on an Nd, and then knit the front.

From now on in stocking st, knit the edge sts always in the edge of the knot (always knit all sts on the back and the back). For the slant 22x (24x / 26x / 28x) in each RS-R as follows: 2 sts right, 2 sts right, then all sts right 4 sts before R-end, then 1 sts, 1 sts right Raising lifted M, 2 M to the right. The back-R in the pattern str.
After 22 (24/26/28) Hin-R with Abn (44 sts) one st in left st st.
Now the edge-M change: In the back-R the first and last M are each marked by a U, in the out-of-bounds edge M and U to the right. After the back row with left st still a total of 15 rows in basic pattern. In the 16th R cast off all sts, leaving the last thread long. Use this thread to sew the Abbot R from the back to the hind R with the left st. This creates a tunnel for the cord.

Work the back piece in R on the right side, the edge st in the edge of the knot. For the slant 22x (24x / 26x / 28x) in each RS-R as follows: 2 sts right, 2 sts right, then all sts right 4 sts before R-end, then 1 sts, 1 sts right Raising lifted M, 2 M to the right.
After 22 (24/26/28) Hin-R with Abn (44M), separate the back in a rear row center (after 22 sts). Work 12 rows over the first 22 sts in the basic pattern (close the remaining 22 sts), the edge sts as in the front piece. Then follow a R-R with left M and another 15 R in the basic pattern smooth right. On the 29th R from the split off all sts loose, leave the thread long and sew on the tunnel as on the front piece. The remaining 22 sts.

Cord: 24 threads Piura cut with about 2.5 m length (12x nature and 12x pastel blue) and for the cord 4 threads each Fb to 3 strands together (3 strands with 4x nature and 4x pastel blue).
Firmly knot the strands at the upper end and then braid until the cord measures approx. 1.2 m. Now also knot the lower end firmly, cut off the leftovers and pull the cord through the tunnel in the front and back.
Now sew all the threads and moisten the top or carefully wash according to manufacturer's recommendation and let it dry lying down.

Here are the instructions with diagram as PDF for download.