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Yoga for me yoga pants - the best leggings in the test

Loved and for many, much more than just an accessory for daily Asana practice: the yoga pants. We've tested some of the hottest leggings for you and revealed which models will meet our needs.

Soo casual and soo comfortable: We love our yoga pants, which we also like to wear in our free time.
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  1. The best yoga pants - the cut
  2. The yoga pants - the material
  3. The yoga pants - the design
  4. The material
  5. My personal conclusion

It has to be comfortable! And she must not constrict us! And by the way, she can cheat a good figure: our yoga pants. No matter if we walk in the studio in our yoga pants and under our arms or wear them casually in our free time to have coffee with our girlfriend - yoga pants are now much more than just a sports accessory.

But what criteria must a good yoga pants meet? I wanted to know for sure and looked closely at three well-known yoga leggings and their leggings.

The best yoga pants - the cut

Comfortable, comfortable and comfortable again

Okay, what's the use of the most stylish yoga pants when it keeps pushing and pinching you during your yoga practice? NOTHING AT ALL! Therefore, for me the criterion of comfort is the most important argument for a good leggings. And - like so many other women - I also have a few pounds more at the waist and hip than I would like to hide. And there comes to me a high, broad and comfortable waistband, just like the sports pants of the Hamburger Lable HeyHoney . The yoga pants sit. There's no doubt about tweaking. Hand on the heart!

Especially sweet and my personal favorite is the model Stars . I love dark blue anyway as a color for me and in combination with the enchanting all-over print I almost fell in love with these leggings shock.

ww-yoga pants-test-hey-honey-stars

I have a few puffs too much around the waist and hips. Can I even wear a wild patterned yoga pants?

YES! You can do it! First, because you can do whatever you want anyway, and second, because generally, the darker the root of your leggings, the slimmer your legs look. That's why I like the leggings in "Surfer-Style" by HeyHoney :

ww-yoga pants-hey-honey-surf-style

Why the "surfer style" is so ideal for firmer legs?

  • The black base of the leggings is timeless and makes your legs appear slimmer in general
  • The one-sided stripes print directs the view immediately to your slenderest point - the lower leg

Which top fits best?

Practical for the entire silhouette is when you wear a loose top around the stomach and hips. Whether short or long-sleeved, it should primarily casually play around your midsection.

And because she is so wonderfully comfortable and also very chic, I like to wear this yoga pants toujour and combine them quite casually with Chucks, Sweatshirt and High-Bun.

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The yoga pants - the material

In this point, the preferences and tastes differ. Some prefer natural fibers, others prefer the latest functional fabrics, which ideally absorb moisture and are odorless, especially in sweaty asanas.

I would like to 100% vegan and natural

As a true yogini, do you perhaps have a vegan lifestyle and therefore like it naturally with your yoga clothing? Then you are best for a yoga pants, which consists of 100 percent natural fibers, such as the super beautiful black model in the 7/8-section of the brand Casall. You Are you worried that this fabric will not dry fast enough because you prefer to practice sweaty power yoga? Do not worry - that's not the case at all. Also this material dries very fast and you practice your "flows" without slipping on the mat.

My second favorite is the simple, black yoga pants made of 100 percent natural fibers from Casall, which I especially appreciate for the summer because of their pleasant 7/8 length:


Do natural fibers also provide support and strength?

YES! This timeless yoga pants by Casall is admittedly priced at just under 130 euros, but this investment is worthwhile for girls! Why?

  • 100 percent organic natural fibers
  • Firm hold through wide waistband at the waist and waist (it conjures a really great figure!)
  • Pleasant 7/8 length that visually extends your legs!
  • Can be combined to all tops that you already have in the closet, super good
Die besten Yogahosen im Test
The darker the material, the more opaque the yoga pants. Especially leggings made of cotton you should choose in a dark color.
Photo: iStock / vasantyt

The yoga pants - the design

Of course, if our tights are super chic as well as comfortable, then of course we have no objection. Clear! Cool and with its black and white pattern a real eye-catcher is also the model of the label Elly Pistol:

ww-yoga pants-elly-pistol-spanky-tights

The material

Made of 100 percent cotton and totally comfortable - thanks to a high waistband - makes this yoga pants much joy.

Price-performance ratio

Although I associate this label with very high priced garments, I find the 60 Euros for these leggings an absolutely fair price. Material, design and comfort - this yoga pants will do it all!

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My personal conclusion

If I could only start my next vacation with a single yoga pants, then my favorite is clearly the leggings "Surf Style" of the Hamburg label HeyHoney. Why?

  • It gives thanks to the high, soft covenant a great grip
  • She is super comfortable and though she is as comfortable as a second skin ...
  • ... she is nevertheless opaque and gives me a good wearing comfort on all occasions
  • Even after several washes, the leggings stay in shape and fit like a glove
  • The leggings in black are simply a perennial favorite, but with their asymmetrical stripes they are still an eye-catcher

ww-yoga pants-hey-honey-surf-style

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