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Practical fruit basket Crochet pattern: How to crochet your own fruit basket

In this self-crocheted fruit basket, the fruit tastes much better! With this tutorial you crochet it yourself as fast as lightning. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this: Anchor Style Creativa (100% cotton, length about 70 m / 50 g) in light gray Fb 00398; 150g Crochet Hook No. 4 And this is how it's done: Generally: It is crocheted in spiral circles, ie it is crocheted without rounding (no Kettsmasche to the conclusion or initial air meshes for the next round) solid M


20% discount in the Wunderweib ShopThe Glow Mystery of the Geishas

What do old books have to do with beauty? The ancient beauty formulas of the geishas of 1800 have long been forgotten - until they rediscovered a foundress and modernized it. You also want the glow of geishas? Shop now our absolute insider tip: the high-quality cream and to the face care coordinated Jaderoller Tozaime


Farewell shock Michael Wendler announces the sad end!

Most recently, he had to cancel a concert for health reasons. Now Wendler fans must be brave: With a personal video Michael Wendler says goodbye to his followers: "Your Micha. See you. Bye!" Photo: Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images The title of the video was already suspicious : "LAST WENDLER CONCERT" posted Michael Wendler (47) yesterday on Instagram and Facebook


Boy looking for his cuddly toyFinder pay for cuddly toy: Crazy search on Twitter

Who saw this little dog? The plush toy is painfully missed by its owner No l. The eight-year-old lost his best friend at Basel EuroAirport in Switzerland. Now the whole family is looking for the little plush dog and even offers a finder's fee. Photo: iStock Noël's mother Mirijam Finger is looking for an honest finder on Twitter: unfortunately the family left a bag at the airport in Basel .


How beautifulRTL brings this CULT SHOW back to TV!

It was a huge murmur through the German TV landscape when this show was discontinued, but the station RTL shows heart and brings this Kulk show back on the TV screens. Photo: RTL The German Television Award is expected to return to the TV screen next year as a great Saturday night show. The 21st ceremony will be broadcast live on 6 June 2020 at 20


Bad Drama DEADLY SELFIE: Four young people are dying because of a PHOTO!

What a terrible drama! Six people wanted to capture a beautiful memory with a selfie, but now four of them are dead. Photo: Istock Four people were killed in selfie shootings in a dam in southern India, including three teenagers. For the photo, six members of two families positioned themselves in the Paambaru Reservoir in Tamil Nadu State


New beauty productThe Cave of the Lions: STRONG fitness cosmetics under test

On the 8th of October Jennifer Lapidakis will present her product STRONG fitness cosmetics at the "Cave of the Lions". We have already tested the product for you before. STRONG fitness cosmetics was developed by Jennifer Lapidakis. Photo: PR Strong Fitness Cosmetics content Strong Fitness Cosmetics: What is special


Doctors and police could not believe itSchleswig Holstein: Motorists caught with 5.0 per thousand - He should have been dead ...

A completely drunk driver surprised police and doctors in Schleswig-Holstein on Sunday with his robust physique. Photo: Istock The breath alcohol control of the 25-year-old on Sunday on the motorway parking lot Dithmarscher Geest yielded " an incredible five thousand per thousand, " as the Police Directorate Itzehoe announced on Monday


Listeria in sausage products-EILT- Two dead because of pizza salami & Bühwürwürst: meat company in Hesse closed!

After two deaths from germs in sausages, a meat producer in northern Hesse has to stop production. Photo: Istock The veterinary office of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district closed the Wilke Wurstwaren farm in Twistetal-Berndorf, a district spokeswoman said on Wednesday. In several cases Listeria had been detected in sausage products


SchlagerstarANDREA BERG surprises with MEGA News!

Andrea Berg fans beware! Shortly before the start of her MOSAIK Live Arena Tour, Andrea Berg has great news for her fans: you can experience the pop singer exclusively before the show! You have to do that ... Great news from Schlager ngerin Andrea Berg! Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images The year started well for Andrea Berg fans: In spring, the pop singer conquered the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with her album "MOSAIK"


Death Drama: Escaped zebra shot dead in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Crosswalks in traffic are not uncommon. In Mecklenburg now ran a real zebra on the highway 20. It was ausgeüxt with conspecifics from a circus. Photo: picture alliance / dpa content It was on the way as a ghost zebra A zebra was caught again UPDATE: Second zebra has been shot A circus zebra caused an accident on the Autobahn 20 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


Truth about children's programSend with the mouse: This true revelation shocks all fans!

Mouse, duck and the blue elephant have declared the world to generations of children. Now big and small fans have to be strong. The creators of the "broadcast with the mouse" are shocking! Armin Maiwald is one of the fathers of the "broadcast with the mouse" Photo: CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP / Getty Images There are shrill loud children's programs where parents can only watch for physical pain


Worrying NewsGreat concern for Naddel: She makes a fatal decision!

For months Naddels fans were very worried: She was gone! Now Naddel reports back: apparently stranded and confused ... What's up with Naddel? Photo: Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images content No sign of life from Naddel Naddel: "It was all too much for me" Naddel finally returns Naddel was "confused" 'Diagnosis of cirrhosis' admits Naddel in early 2017 In her biography "Rollercoaster"


How nice is that Nicole: Enchanting family happiness with 54! Now she reveals her sweet secret!

Is it a miracle or just a good lifestyle? Singer Nicole looks really fit at the age of 54 and reveals her "sweet" secret. , Photo: Getty Images / Tristar Media content Your "sweet" secret New album There are no coincidences Singer Nicole (54) has no problem getting older in her own words


Understood danger to life Dry shampoo explodes! It is really dangerous

We almost all have a can of dry shampoo in the bathroom cabinet. Practical and harmless - right? A 19-year-old woman now had a different experience: dry shampoo tore her car roof! Your mother warns: You should never do that with dry shampoo - it is life-threatening! You can not do that with dry shampoo


The WollnysLavinia Wollny: So she has lost 15 pounds!

Lavinia Wollny's fans are amazed: The Wollny daughter has lost 15 kilos. And looks great! Actually a reason to enjoy. But the reason for weight loss could be worrying ... Lavinia Wollny has lost 15 pounds Photo: istock / LaylaBird Lavinia Wollny had to struggle for years with excess pounds. The more her fans are now looking forward to her


Why is the car looking at me like this? Pareidolia: Why we recognize faces

Two headlights, a bumper - already the car looks like a face. This phenomenon of recognizing faces or figures in inanimate objects is called pareidolia. We'll tell you what it's all about. This bike handlebar looks pretty awesome ... Photo: Isabelle Dupuis / Wunderweib editor content What is pareidolia


Enchanting! Mireille Mathieu: With 72 years she lets the bomb burst!

So many beautiful moments are musically connected with the wonderful singer Mireille Mathieu for all eternity. What's really behind it, the charming 72-year-old has now betrayed. Photo: Getty Images She comes from the poorest conditions, shared a bed with four of her 13 siblings and folded envelopes in a factory to relieve the parents financially: Mireille Mathieu (72) was so grateful when a large, broad-shouldered man took her under his wing - Johnny Stark (†), the then most powerful music manager in France.


Broken Heart Syndrome Music icon Judith Jersey is fighting for her life

Terrible news from hit-song-pair Mel and Judith. The beloved singer Judith Jersey is struggling for her life after a "broken heart" infarction. Judith and Mel are the dream couple of the hit song Photo: Daniel Maurer / Getty Images content Judith is in a coma after Broken Heart infarction What is the Broken Heart Syndrome


Sensational newsAndy Borg at 58 years he lets the bomb burst!

What wonderful news from Andy Borg! After a sad break from the Musikantenstadl, the 58-year-old presenter proves very impressively that he does not belong to the old iron yet. Photo: Getty Images The television presenter and singer Andy Borg (58) produced further episodes of his monthly Saturday night show on SWR television


The Bergdoktor can really be proud of that! Hans Sigl: 3 months - Now the 50-year-old is bursting the bomb!

Hans Sigl inspires millions of fans as a mountain doctor, but behind the camera, the popular actor provides great news. Photo: Getty Images A man practices renunciation: The actor has not consumed carbohydrates, sugar or alcohol for weeks. His scales are smiling. The television actor Hans Sig l (50) has slimmed down according to own data 20 kilograms


End of the year comes the last issueJoko Winterscheidt announces the sad AUS!

Unfortunately, today Joko Winterscheidt has to announce very sad news. By mutual agreement, he shares the final season finale after many great reports and entertaining pages. Photo: Getty Images The men's magazine "JWD - Joko Winterscheidts Druckzeugnis" is history after a recent issue in December