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Boy looking for his cuddly toyFinder pay for cuddly toy: Crazy search on Twitter

Who saw this little dog? The plush toy is painfully missed by its owner No l. The eight-year-old lost his best friend at Basel EuroAirport in Switzerland. Now the whole family is looking for the little plush dog and even offers a finder's fee.

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Noël's mother Mirijam Finger is looking for an honest finder on Twitter: unfortunately the family left a bag at the airport in Basel . In it were a few things and just the little cuddly toy dog ​​of her son . Since then, the bag has disappeared without a trace.

Call for help on Twitter: Who has seen this stuffed animal?

In fact , Noël's mother calls the airport several times a day and asks for a possible find. But each time she has been put off. The little dog is very important for Noël and his family. "We have experienced so many strokes of fate in which the dog gave comfort to my son, " explains the mother.

Without his little plush dog Noël just does not feel complete. The eight-year-old had to cope already that his mother was due to a depression in a clinic and his grandmother had to do because of cancer chemo. In each situation, the cuddly toy helped the little boy. "It was a terrible time. But my son kept telling me: Look, I'm fine, Leika is with me, " says Mirjam Finger.

Finder's reward for cuddly toy

Therefore, the family has now exposed a finder's wage of 150 Swiss francs (about 137 euros) on the small plush dog. Whoever can bring Noël back to his cuddly toy, gets the money. The dog was lost on September 27, just before midnight on the way from the arrivals area to the S2 car park. Did you maybe see him?

We are desperately looking for this plush dog.
Lost on 27.9.19 at 23:30 at Basel airport between baggage claim and outdoor car parking S2.

- mirjam finger (@mirjam_finger) September 29, 2019

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