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Kim Kardashian is still grieving for her father

In a moving speech Kim Kardashian shows off her soft side

Kim Kardashian Credit: Ivan Nikolov / / ©

When she straightens her bulging shapes towards the photographers or discusses her oh so important existence as a reality queen with her husband Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian always comes across extremely blatantly. The fact that she also has a very emotional and sensitive side, you can see more rarely. At a gala event in New York, this Kim just appeared again and moved those present to tears. The dark-haired beautiful woman talked about how she lost her father to cancer and as the "New York Post" reported, the otherwise so bold curves queen was really sad. Kim Kardashian thinks of her deceased father every day "Not a day goes by I do not think about him. I wish we had known a bit more about his illness. But my father did not want to tell anyone that he was ill, not even his parents. One week before he died, he told them, "Kim Kardashian remembered her dad, who died eight years ago. And suddenly you just want to hug the otherwise superficial Kim. Her father died of cancer eight years ago, but Kim Kardashian is still thinking of him every day

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