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Whitney Houston releases the stage

Little girl rejoices Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston / ©

She is and will remain the greatest diva in the world. Despite her dramas and scandals, Whitney Houston has a vocal talent that always enchants us. Your stage presence is unique. This proved the Queen of Souls again on Tuesday in concert in Dublin. The fans were excited. No trace of the former exhaustion she suffered in Australia just a few weeks ago. "Whitney Houston is so great, " enthuses one concertgoer, "she's and always will be the best." The singer has also gone to great lengths to arrive in Ireland in time. All over Europe, the air network was paralyzed by the volcanic eruption, but Whitney managed to come by ferry from England to Ireland. Her fans would never let her sit, that's what she proved once again. And on top of that, the octave master surprised the evening when she brought a little girl from the audience to the stage. Whitney handed her the microphone and asked if she wanted to sing a song. Shy but determined, the little girl replied, "The Greatest Love of All." The band played the first notes and who would have thought, the girl has a great voice and sang the song alone in front of thousands of viewers. Whitney was also impressed by how great she mastered the song. See for yourself, here is the Youtube clip where you get goose bumps immediately.