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Blood sugar: How to measure it properly

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Actually, blood sugar is now very easy. If there were not those nasty little stumbling blocks ...

Washing hands Remains of sugar distort the result. Therefore, before each blood sugar measurement wash hands with soap and water, rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly.

Warming up the fingers The jab in cold, badly blooded hands hurts more. Also, you often have to press for blood to come. This in turn can falsify the result of the blood glucose measurement. Warm hands before.

Stabbing to the side Put the lancing device on the side of the finger when measuring your blood sugar . In the middle it hurts more. And take a different finger every time.

Switching Lancets Many diabetics use their "disposable" lancets up to 100 times. That's saving at the wrong end. Blunt needles hurt more, pierce larger holes and increase the risk of infection. Better change daily!

Know your values Measure your blood sugar two hours after eating. Target: below 145 mg / dl. Before driving on low sugar (under 60) test. In the worst case otherwise fainting threatens. Quickly eat a banana and always have orange juice with you!