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Stefan Mross and Stefanie Hertel: New Chance for Love

In September 2011, after six years of marriage, they announced the separation. But is there really no love left?
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Are you getting close to your heart project again?

They have been separated for eleven months. But their hearts are still beating at the same pace ...

More than 20 years ago Stefanie Hertel (33) and Stefan Mross (36) got to know each other on stage as children stars, got daughter Johanna (10) and finally married six years ago. A love like in a fairy tale.

But in the fall of last year, they announced the love-off completely surprisingly, both now have new partners. And so far it did not seem as if there was hope for a new beginning as a married couple. But now suddenly there is a new opportunity for her love !

It's more than just a joint performance for Stefan and Stefanie ...

On September 7, Stefanie Hertel and Stefan Mross will meet again at a charity gala in Europapark Rust. There, Stefan Mross collects money for a club that cares for children with cancer. A project that is also a matter of the heart for his still-wife Stefanie Hertel.

But it is more than just a joint performance. Stefanie and Stefan have been sharing their passion for music for years. After all, they got to know each other as children on stage. That has connected them all these years.

One thing is for sure: at the gala in Europa-Park the memories of this unforgettable time will be awakened again. And perhaps also long-forgotten feelings. Feelings that have fallen by the wayside due to the difficult balancing act between work and family life.

Yes, it would be really nice to see the two reunited as a couple. Again and again, the fans of Stefanie and Stefan say, saying: "I would be glad if they would come together again. They are the absolute dream couple for me! Maybe the breakup was necessary to make them aware of what they really had in common. How happy they really were as a family. "

Especially for daughter Johanna there would be nothing better than that mom and dad love each other again. That they are finally an intact family, as they used to be.

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