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How nice is that Nicole: Enchanting family happiness with 54! Now she reveals her sweet secret!

Is it a miracle or just a good lifestyle? Singer Nicole looks really fit at the age of 54 and reveals her "sweet" secret.


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  1. Your "sweet" secret
  2. New album
  3. There are no coincidences

Singer Nicole (54) has no problem getting older in her own words. "When I look in the mirror in the morning, he laughs, " said the Saarlander of the German Press Agency in Nohfelden.

"Just as it is, it's good." That you can feel class with over 50 years, Nicole wants to give now with their new album "50 is the new 25" women on the way. "I want to encourage you, there's something else to come, " said the singer, who won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) for Germany in 1982 with "A Little Peace".

Your "sweet" secret

What does Nicole do to stay healthy, fit and slim? "I have not eaten sweets for 35 years. No chocolate, no cake, no sugar. "I love to cook and eat Asian, with lots of soy and vegetables plus fish. Otherwise, she does a lot of sports: "There is a treadmill in my home. When I watch sports on TV, I do not realize that I've been running for five kilometers. "

New album

Nicole's new album, written and recorded with singer and songwriter Heinz Rudolf Kunze and producer Jens Carstens, will be released on October 11th. Nicole has released around 30 albums in her career and sold tens of millions of records. She lives with her family in the north of the Saarland and is completely satisfied. "I would do everything in my life again, " she said.

There are no coincidences

She believes in predetermination anyway: "There are no coincidences." In her, "everything" went right. "I have fulfilled all my dreams, both professionally and privately. I am very much at peace with myself, "said the singer, who has two daughters and two granddaughters. "I'm a family man through and through."

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