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In the reading fever sewing instructions for a bookend

No matter if books, magazines or notebooks - with this bookcase you can make something on the shelf or on the desk. We'll show you how easy you can look after them. This is how books are skilfully staged. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the bookend: material solid cardboard rice fiberfill Protractor / ruler pencil scissors Iron sewing machine sewing thread And that's how easy it is: 1


Jewelery for the soul So many lucky charms can be

Good luck is said to bring happiness, prosperity and health and are especially popular with romantics. Here are some nice examples. We always want to carry our good luck charms with us - this is especially good with jewelery. Photo: Happinez Traditional lucky charms come in many variations - from the four-leaf clover to the lucky penny to the horseshoe


Oha! Florian Silbereisen: His brother reveals savory truth!

What broke the love of Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen? What destroyed the great luck? Now his brother is talking. Photo: Getty Images Eight months ago, Helene Fischer (34) and Florian Silbereisen (37) broke up. The reason seemed quite commonplace: the two were just too often separated in ten years of relationship, living apart, their love lost somewhere along the way


2020 for the last time ZDF shock: After more than 50 years, this cult show is set!

The Golden Camera has been around for more than 50 years. In its previous form as a prize gala on television, it takes place in March for the last time. Recently, there had been a strong decline in quotas. Photo: Getty Images The Golden Camera as an annual prize gala on ZDF should be abolished. On March 21, 2020, the 55th ceremony will be the "last TV show for the time being, " the Funke media group said


Oha, kidnapped by aliens? Here you will be helped!

You were kidnapped by aliens, but you have no one to trust you with? Also in this particular case, there is a self-help group. Extraterrestrials are usually known only from TV series such as "Doctor Who". Nevertheless, some people describe an alien abduction. Photo: Istock Many are ashamed in public It is often not easy for those affected to talk about it


Rest in peaceTom Zickler is dead - The 55-year-old died after a short illness!

Tom Zickler was one of the most successful German film producers of the last twenty years. Together with Til Schweiger he realized cinema hits like "Keinohrhasen" or "Honig in Kopf". Now he died at the age of 55 years. Photo: DPA: Britta Pedersen The film producer Tom Zickler is dead


Pharma scandal17 babies turned into werewolves - drug scandal shocks all over Europe!

Giant scandal in Spain: A wrong drug has triggered excessive hair growth in many babies on the whole body. The reason is hard to believe. Photo: Istock content 17 Spanish babies ill with "werewolf syndrome" A mother reports of her affected son Drug was labeled wrong Scandal was already known in April 17 Spanish babies ill with "werewolf syndrome" They just wanted to help their babies and did just the opposite: more than 17 babies in Spain have been suffering from extreme growth of hair on their faces, backs and other parts of their bodies since taking a medicine


Action against Bielefeld conspiracy Bielefeld does not exist: city gives 1 million for proof of the Bielefeld conspiracy

"Bielefeld does not exist!" Truth or lie? In fact, some people are uncertain. That's why the city of Bielefeld is now launching a marketing campaign: one million euros for evidence of the famous Bielefeld conspiracy. The city of Bielefeld launches an action against the Bielefeld conspiracy


Celebrity Big BrotherJ rgen Trovato: The mask has fallen! Now the RTL detective shows his true face!

Jürgen Trovato shows unusually open: The RTL detective tells of "Celebrity Big Brother" 2019 from his childhood - which was not necessarily rosy ... Jürgen Trovato shows unusually open: The RTL detective tells of "Celebrity Big Brother" 2019 from his childhood - which was not necessarily rosy ..


Unimaginably cruel, like cruel! Torture Granny Abuses Granddaughter (7) as a disguised witch

Together with her two siblings, a 7-year-old girl, after she had no one else left, was handed over to her grandmother. What happens then you do not want to imagine. The torture grandma Photo: PAUL HELLSTERN / AP Photo / dpa In September 2014, Geneva S. Robinson is dragging her 7-year-old granddaughter to the Griffin Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma, telling her she has no control over the girl


Julian FM Stoeckel does not mince his words Celebrity Big Brother 2019: The celebrities in the Stoeckel-Check!

Since Friday, the new season of Celebrity Big Brother is on Sat.1. Our colleagues from Closer magazine talked to Julian FM Stoeckel in advance and asked him for an assessment of the candidates. Photo: Getty Images What are these celebrities at Celebrity Big Brother? This question has been asked many a last Friday and even celebrity experts like Julian FM Stöckel get stuck in so many candidates.


This singer makes the race The Masked Singer: The winner is revealed!

The countdown is on, because today we finally find out who's in the last five masks at "The Masked Singer". But which of our darlings must first drop the mask? Who finally makes the race and wins the sweeper contest? Questions about questions ... The Masked Singer: Who will win in the final


Law changes: What will change in August 2019?

New month, new laws - that could be the motto of August 2019. Because numerous changes in the law now come into force in various areas of life. Law changes in August 2019 Photo: iStock / rclassenlayouts content Smaller income families receive more support Kita contributions become federal thing Higher BAföG for more students More support for trainees Against social service fraud The online ID function will be extended Less fragrance in cosmetics The housing offensive Authorities can specify residence Foreigners Employment Promotion Act enters into force The summer holidays are coming to an end


Whirling around her feelingsAndrea Kiewel & Hans Sigl: More than just colleagues - Now the truth comes to light!

Andrea Kiewel and the popular Bergdoktor Hans Sigl have contact not only on stage, but also privately and not only that is surprising. Photo: Getty Images / DPA content What's really going on between the two? Nobody ever doubted his loyalty. The temptation is there What do you call it when a single woman secretly exchanges cell phone messages with a married man


Spare parts storage for organsMixing of humans and animals: Japan allows breeding

Japan allows for the first time the birth of a mixed system of humans and animals. The aim of the project is to breed replacement organs. In Japan, researchers are planning a hybrid of humans and animals. Photo: Photo: Science Pictures ltd / SPL Japanese researchers are allowed to start breeding human organs in animals


Holocaust remembrance project on Instagram: "Eva Stories" keeps the memory alive

Remembrance culture via Instagram, is that possible? The remembrance project "Eva Stories" tries to introduce young people to the suffering of the Jews during the Second World War. The project "Eva Stories" commemorates the Holocaust on Instagram. Photo: iStock content "Eva Stories": Holocaust on Instagram The life of the real Eva Heyman "The memory of the Holocaust fades" What if there had been social media during the Holocaust


Daniela Katzenberger: Your words of farewell stir all over Germany to tears!

On Tuesday, Costa Cordalis died at the age of 75. Very emotional, Daniela Katzenberger has now said goodbye to her father-in-law. Photo: Instagram / LucasCordalis Tv star Daniela Katzenberger (32) commented in a heartwarming statement about her deceased father-in-law Costa Cordalis. "He was the sweetest person I've ever met, and one of the few people I'm sure is going to go to heaven, " she wrote on Facebook


He was only 75 years old! Costa Cordalis is dead - now his son Lucas speaks!

This news not only shakes the world of hits. Costa Cordalis left us when we were just 75 years old. Now his son Lucas speaks. Photo: Getty Images Last night , Costa Cordalis died in the very circle of his relatives in Mallorca. This sad news was confirmed by his son Lucas. Opposite the Cologne Express he said: "We are all deeply sad about the loss


Oh dear! NRW: Drinking water is scarce in these cities!

Due to the continuing heat, the first cities in North Rhine-Westphalia are already suffering from water scarcity. Photo: Istock In East Westphalia, water providers are struggling with drinking water bottlenecks. "Due to the continuing drought there is water shortage, " reported the city of Löhne (Minden-Lübbecke).


Lady Boss gives advice to Christ Walker and Papis Loveday: Love yourself

Interview with business lady boss Christine Walker and top model Papis Loveday on her concept New Work. The message of Christine Walker and Papis Loveday is clear: love yourself and become the best version of yourself. Photo: Jacqueline Jakob content LADY BOSS - efficient & independent with New Work We met Lady Boss Christine Walker and top model Papis Loveday for an interview: Multiple mom and successful entrepreneur - AND work-life balance


Still in useCarolin Reiber: That makes the icon of folk music today!

Carolin Reiber belonged and is one of the most popular faces of the folk music scene. Almost every German knows the popular presenter - But how is she today? Carolin Reiber 2018 at the Munich Oktoberfest Photo: Getty Images At the age of 17 she found her great love: Carolin Reiber and dr. Luitpold Maier were a dream couple


Interview Of course! Beatrice Egli on time-outs and new plans beyond music

Singer Beatrice Egli returns with her new music from her long trip to Australia. She even has an entire album titled "Of course!" In the bag. What she has the title and how she stands for her darn seventh career year, she has betrayed Wunderweib in an interview. Beatrice Egli recorded her new album Nat rlich