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Julian FM Stoeckel does not mince his words Celebrity Big Brother 2019: The celebrities in the Stoeckel-Check!

Since Friday, the new season of Celebrity Big Brother is on Sat.1. Our colleagues from Closer magazine talked to Julian FM Stoeckel in advance and asked him for an assessment of the candidates.

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What are these celebrities at Celebrity Big Brother? This question has been asked many a last Friday and even celebrity experts like Julian FM Stöckel get stuck in so many candidates.

  • Theresia : "I have to admit that I do not watch GNTM, but I found this candidate specifically and in the best sense of the word. She has that certain something, a great style and I've already written to Instagram that I would like to invite her to one of my parties ...! "
  • Joey : "Of course, I know Joey very, very long. At the moment he can be seen in parallel with me at "Promis Privat" (SAT.1). Now he goes to the celebrity Big Brother House. He seems to be on the gas again now. That makes me happy because he is a very honest, down to earth and sympathetic boy. I can not say anything else ...! "
  • Sylvia : "I'm sorry, but we do not know her, she was never Paris, even Claudia does not know them, we do not know them. Unfortunately, I can not comment on that, but when I look her in the face, then comes as a first association, that she can be very, very bitchy! "
  • Almklausi : "I do not know personally - I can not judge!"
  • Tobi : "Some time ago I moderated for THE DOME and there was Tobi in my live stream. He is, I think, too naive and simply knitted to be very tactical and evil. He will hurt no one and will not hurt anyone. The most important thing, of course, is that he is a lot of nude and shower, because otherwise ehm, so ... Well!
  • Ginger : "Bert's ginger (ale) is of course very, very direct, boyish and loud. It's probably going to be very quick for one or the other. But I think with her rather simple style she can become a crowd pleaser. Because one thing she is not: back and wrong. This speaks first for a candidate! "
  • Chris: "Unfortunately, I do not know him ... I only saw a video of him on Instagram this morning and without having personally seen or spoken to him, he will be the Jan Leyk guy. Rather aggressive, short leash and rather unsympathetic. "
  • Eva : "Benetatou or something? I do not know ... I do not think I want to know (laughs). "
  • Lilo : "Lilo will be the odds diva of the season. It reminds me of a mix of Molly Luft, Trude Herr and Hildegard Knef. I hope that she will tell some funny things and look one or two deep in the eyes. "
  • Trovato: "I can judge very badly. I've never seen a episode of his series, but I think he's a stubborn and very justice-loving man who tells you what he thinks, directly and without a filter. With that you can drive very well and very, very bad ...! "
  • Janine : "I'm sorry - I do not know!"
  • Zlatko : "He gave the BILD newspaper an interview and said that he had agreed to participate in PBB only because of the money. He will make it very smart. He will stay out everywhere, take the money and then disappear into anonymity again. Congratulations, everything was done right! "

via Closer

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