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Lady Boss gives advice to Christ Walker and Papis Loveday: Love yourself

Interview with business lady boss Christine Walker and top model Papis Loveday on her concept New Work.

The message of Christine Walker and Papis Loveday is clear: love yourself and become the best version of yourself.
Photo: Jacqueline Jakob
  1. LADY BOSS - efficient & independent with New Work
  2. We met Lady Boss Christine Walker and top model Papis Loveday for an interview:
  3. Multiple mom and successful entrepreneur - AND work-life balance? New Work makes it possible
  4. The Gender Pay Gap is a No-Go - New Work is the first step in the right direction
  5. Success depends on self-love - it's all about loving yourself
  6. Use fate blows for your own success, says the Lady Boss

Especially for ambitious women, who want to reach the top quickly and efficiently, the #SupportHer Academy offers the seminar "LADY BOSS - efficient & independent with New Work". The workshop will be led by Christine Walker, a single mother and dancer who lives the American Dream: she has become a successful entrepreneur with 50 employees at five locations in Germany - successfully with her concept of New Work. She coaches Dax board members, trains top assistants (m / w / d) and propagates and lives the 30-hour week. With her, the workshop is designed by Papis Loveday. As a runway coach (for Germany's Next Top Model and in the jury of Switzerland's Next Top Model, for example), the internationally sought-after top model knows exactly how to behave self-confidently, successfully and skilfully and is well-styled for success.

LADY BOSS - efficient & independent with New Work

On the 26th of July the great workshop LADY BOSS by Christine Walker and Papis Loveday takes place in Munich . You want to be there? Then we have all the information for you: LADY BOSS - efficient & independent with New Work

The daily workshop of Christine Walker and Papis Loveday is for power women, independent bosses (freelancers), assistants and all those who want to get ahead and want a self-determined life. For those who are at eye level with their partner, boss, colleagues, team on the wave of success and strive for one thing: independence!

We met Lady Boss Christine Walker and top model Papis Loveday for an interview:

Christine, everybody is talking about New Work, what can you imagine exactly?

Christine : New Work is "modern work", where performance and results are independent of time and place, each contributing to partnership, respectful cooperation in flat hierarchies: trust, agility, flexibility, good communication, teamwork, efficient structures and The use of modern technology is a prerequisite for everything to work in this way: it is hard to imagine the "old worker" still in control, work and attendance times, fortunately we are in a state of flux, the change can not be stopped.

Am I really independent with New Work methods? Am I not more dependent on Smartphone & Co?

Christine : Smartphone & Co. are supporting tools without which it is no longer possible today - both privately and professionally. These tools can easily be switched off, the world will not go down and we can decide when we are offline.

Everyone can work a lot, what do I have to do to really work efficiently?

Christine : Knowing what I want, what's important to me, having a clear vision and goals. So I can set priorities accordingly and be focused. This is not so easy. Most are so "land under" that they no longer see the "forest for the trees" and then suddenly everything is important. However, anyone who is ready for change can be efficient. That's why I recommend learning from the professional.

Multiple mom and successful entrepreneur - AND work-life balance? New Work makes it possible

Christine, you propagate and live the 30-hour week, that sounds like a great work-life balance ...

Christine : It is too! I am happy and thankful every day and find my job and my life simply awesome. But no "envy" please! I have not seen ten years of my life, whether summer or winter. That's when I built my company as a one-woman show and single mom. It was tough, I was always on the limit, I was scared, if I had not charged too much and did justice to everything, but I really wanted to make it and someday get out of this mill and lead a life like today.

Today I have two very independent great kids, in the company the hottest team in the world and of course pretty efficient structures. I just know how it works. How to make money out there on the street, build something out of nothing without losing yourself and running around as a completely stressed-out zombie.

Papis, what about the work-life balance of a top model?

Papis : Well, in my case, there are far more activities than "just" modeling. I have my own champagne brand, which we distribute in Asia, I stand in front of the camera for various TV formats throughout Europe and also work behind the scenes as a choreographer for fashion shows. That is, my professional life almost always consists of projects. For me it is either 100% or 0%. If there's a lot going on, I also have an 80-hour week and then I'm completely free again. It's not easy to switch over and over again, but it's great fun. Work is not a burden for me, because what I do, I love.

The Gender Pay Gap is a No-Go - New Work is the first step in the right direction

If I work less, so only 30 hours, then I earn less - especially for women, who are usually already paid worse than men anyway, a no-go.

Christine : That women still earn less for the same job as men is actually a no-go. It's getting better all over the world, but it's still a long way to go. Of course it is different in the self-employment. Here I am my own boss and the gender question does not arise. That you basically earn less with less work is not for everyone and always. If you know how it works, you can do the same or even more with less work time. In our seminar I explain how to do it with pleasure and power.

Papis, you are an internationally sought-after model, is Equal-Gender-Pay also a topic for you?

Papis : It's a big topic. Men earn a fraction of what women get here. But this not only has to do with efficient work, but simply with the respective budgets of the fashion industry. The women's fashion market to the men's fashion market is 80% to 20%. The salaries for models come from the marketing budgets of the respective fashion companies. Men simply spend less.

Papis, why is expression, looks and posture so important?

Papis : There is no second chance for a first impression. Whether someone pleases me privately, decides in a fraction of a second. It's exactly these three criteria. This is similar in the job. Wondrous doors open when you consciously work on these criteria. You will be very surprised!

Success depends on self-love - it's all about loving yourself

It was a big issue in the current season of GNTM: Some candidates had to keep hearing that they would not go out. But there are many shy people, what do you advise them?

Papis : At the end of the day, it's all about loving yourself and being ready to develop and shine. It is not easy for some, but there are people like us who help.

Why should I come to the workshop with you? Is not it enough if I inform myself about New Work and body language on the Internet?

Christine : It's always good to find out more about the internet and mentally remember that things are different. But when it comes to implementation, it's about learning techniques, best of all professionals, then practicing them and mastering them in life. This is training and although regular training is the alpha and omega.

Papis : I would like to supplement, regardless of the techniques you should learn, the net will never bring you the fun that we can personally have together.

Use fate blows for your own success, says the Lady Boss

Finally, a question for both of you: Who is your - from a professional point of view - Wunderweib?

Christine : One of my great idols is Coco Chanel - she has gone her own way, she has used fate to reach her goal and she has never, literally, been squeezed into a corset. And that's what it's about, right? Living your life and freeing yourself from the opinions and morality of others. Everything is possible! Just go for it!

Papis : My mother - raised in a time when women were not allowed to work in Senegal, she was one of the first women in the country to leave her husband at home and work. She has never complained, always looking ahead. She has raised six children, always with grace, decency and attitude. My mother is one of the most confident people I know. Love you!

Christine Walker is an expert on the topic of "New Work" and "Efficiency in Business & in all areas of life".

She lives with her female leadership team the 30-hour week and introduces this on the executive floors of companies. She also advises companies on how to develop more women into leadership and responsible positions. The successful entrepreneur realizes time savings of 20% for managers and their teams with 100% more quality of life! For this, she was awarded the business prize "Innovator 2018". As a member of the board of trustees of the International Network for Governance and Sustainability, she focuses on events of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which focuses on achieving gender equality and empowering women.

Christine Walker: Dream Team

The video "Dream Team" features Christine Walker's New Work! Message.

Papis Loveday is an international top model and fashion entrepreneur.

He has Senegalese citizenship and lives in Italy and Germany. He became known in 2003 through the campaign for United Colors of Benetton. He is still considered the most famous male, colored top model in the world. In 2018 he acted in the 13th season of the ProSieben broadcast Germany's Next Top Model as a catwalk coach. Papis Loveday supports Christine Walker in the workshop "Lady Boss" with the topic "Ab in the Spotlight!" Self-marketing through action, posture, body language.

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