Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Parasol with leaf motifs

  • Motif template for leaves
  • Each about 1 m cotton fabrics in green and turquoise (department store;

      8 euros / m)
    • 2 m Vlieseline (haberdashery, about 5 Euro / m)
    • Textile glue (eg from UHU; department store, about 4 Euro)
    • Parasol (eg from IKEA, about 10 euros)
    • pencil
    • fabric scissors
    • possibly impregnation spray (department store)

    1. Copy different leaf motifs either from a fabric or from a magazine and copy them up to the desired size. Cut out leaves.

    2. Iron Vlieseline from the left onto the green and turquoise cotton fabric. This prevents the fabric from fraying.

    3. Place the paper sheet on the fleece line, transfer motif and cut out.

    4. Coat the underside of the fabric sheets with textile adhesive and glue to the parasol.

    5. To protect the glider from rain, you may need to treat the glued sheets with impregnating spray.

    Tip: Here the leaf motif has been copied from the chair cushion and enlarged (Cushion: by Yorn Casa)