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Pharma scandal17 babies turned into werewolves - drug scandal shocks all over Europe!

Giant scandal in Spain: A wrong drug has triggered excessive hair growth in many babies on the whole body. The reason is hard to believe.

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  1. 17 Spanish babies ill with "werewolf syndrome"
  2. A mother reports of her affected son
  3. Drug was labeled wrong
  4. Scandal was already known in April

17 Spanish babies ill with "werewolf syndrome"

They just wanted to help their babies and did just the opposite: more than 17 babies in Spain have been suffering from extreme growth of hair on their faces, backs and other parts of their bodies since taking a medicine .

A mother reports of her affected son

"My son got lots of hair everywhere, on his forehead, on his cheeks, on his arms and legs, on his hands ... he had the eyebrows of an adult and it scared us because we did not know what was going on ", says Ángela Selles from Granada in" El País ". Her affected son was only six months old when the extreme growth of hair known as the "werewolf syndrome" developed. How can something like that happen?

Drug was labeled wrong

The pharmaceutical company Química Sur has made a blatant error: They have several drugs of the blood pressure drug Minoxidil, which also helps against hair loss, falsely identified as omeprazole . This drug helps with gastrointestinal discomfort. The parents wanted to give their children a preparation for gastrointestinal problems and gave them instead a hair restorer, which has caused an extreme hair growth in the affected children.

Scandal was already known in April

Already in April the wrong labeling of the drug became known, but only at the beginning of August it came to the closing of the factory, which was responsible for it. The Spanish Drug Agency AEMPS now wants to ensure that all mislabeled drugs disappear from the market. It remains to be hoped that not even more children the wrong drug was administered and the symptoms of the "werewolf syndrome" quickly disappear in the affected baby.

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