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Interview Of course! Beatrice Egli on time-outs and new plans beyond music

Singer Beatrice Egli returns with her new music from her long trip to Australia. She even has an entire album titled "Of course!" In the bag. What she has the title and how she stands for her darn seventh career year, she has betrayed Wunderweib in an interview.

Beatrice Egli recorded her new album Nat rlich! In in Australia.
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The last few months had been a little quieter for pop star Beatrice Egli (30) . The singer had withdrawn and traveled through Australia. But how could it be otherwise: As a true artist with music in her blood, she could not resist and recorded her new album "Natürlich!" In Australia on June 21, 2019. After we were able to get hold of a musical foretaste with "Terra Australia" and "Rock mis Härz", the third single release of the new album has now been released. It carries the title "Le Li La" and makes you really feel like summer - Beatrice Egli has brought us more than just the sun from Australia.

Returning with many new ideas and a good mood, Beatrice Egli spoke with Wunderweib.

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Happy Sunday I wish you - with a lot of life, love and laughter ???? #LeLiLa #lebenliebenlachen #beatriceegli # course

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Pop star Beatrice Egli in an interview

Your win at DSDS is now pretty much 6 years back. So you're in the darn 7th year with your career. Is that noticeable? Did you prepare for that?

(Laughs) I think, for that matter, I'm not so superstitious. But it is true that of course the change has already taken place due to my time-out, which I took, and I rearranged myself again and perhaps also structured and questioned everything, and that's good too. And that happened before the seventh year is perhaps just the thing to avoid this daredevil.

Is that why projects off the beaten track are more relevant, such as the RTL show "Schlager sucht Liebe"?

Yes I think so. Something for me, which I enjoy totally straight, is next to the music still new things to discover - including, in any case, the moderating, for example, now new to RTL. But also the synchronous role, which I speak at "Playmobil the movie". So it is already very multifaceted my life and I enjoy that.

Why your break in Australia?

Australia is a continent I've wanted to travel since I was 16, and actually a teen dream of mine. It took a little bit longer to fulfill this dream and to be honest it was not so easy to organize, because over one and a half years ago I had planned that I could be away for a longer time. I can not just say, 'Well, I'm away for a few weeks now.' The plans are simply too long in advance.

Was the hype about you too much?

I think the past six years have been incredibly intense. I did not take much breaks and did four tours and six albums. So a lot has happened in six years and so it was just time to get out of the tempo, to be offline and just to get back to me.

What did you bring with you from this experience and Australia?

I think, first and foremost, the journey has brought peace into my life because I could just come down. And when the batteries are recharged, you are not the other way so charged, if something does not work. Everybody knows that tension simply grows, the more things you have. And when you recover then you can get back to business in a different way and a little easier. And I still feel that, that ease has grown in me.

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Terra Australia! It is the way you choose ...

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Musically, Australia has influenced you and you can hear that. What can fans expect from the new album? Will it be very different from your previous works?

Of course, the journey also influenced me musically and that can also be heard. My producer also flew to Australia, we recorded the album there. That said, the production sounds quite different, of course. But it's like everything else: I'm Beatrice and you can hear that too. But it just changed a bit and there are a few new rhythms on it. The song "Auszeit" with acoustic guitar is so light. But at the same time there is also the cheeky song "natural". This is definitely the naughty Beatrice, who comes through there, of course, also belongs to me and I live out that too. That as a girl I want to have fun and enjoy life. But what is new is what has never before been heard, a Swiss-German song "Rock mis Härz".

How was the process of creating the album?

There have been a few songs I've known for some time. Others were created during the trip and some were written during the recording. That has been a steady process. But in the end it was nice - no one knew that I was making an album in Australia. So it was very easy. So we cleared out bookshelves and made foam in and that was my singing cabin. (Laughs) So it was really anything but a professional studio. We were in a beach house very simple and natural. And I really enjoyed that too, and I think you can hear it clearly on the album, that natural lightness that life, the summer, has given me a bit.

Why did you choose the album title "Natürlich!"?

Of course, there is this song that asks, 'Will you marry? Would you like to have a friend? Would you like to have fun and do it anywhere? ' There is clearly the answer: 'Of course!'

But there is also the natural Beatrice, which I just wanted to preserve. And I have found something in Australia again to the natural Beatrice. And that's why the word, of course '.

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Today is a big day for me ???????????? You can expect many surprises: From now on you can enjoy my new album "Natürlich!" Pre-order. Also watch my new video for the song "Terra Australia". "Terra Australia" is the first song from the new album, released immediately - follow the link in the bio and be happy with me. #beatriceegli #terraaustralia

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What does naturalness mean for you?

I believe that the most beautiful thing is naturalness and that the origin of the word nature is a really beautiful thing that helps me to find myself and keeps all the natural in me.

What would today's Beatrice advise her younger self, who has just won American Idol?

(Deliberately.) To this day, I would like to wish even more: The patience. That everything comes with the time, how it has to come and everything takes time. But even now I say that to me (laughs). So it is not easy for me. That's more what has always accompanied me.

Could you imagine performing at the ESC? If so, more for Germany or for Switzerland?

Phew. This is a very political, not so easy topic for me. Because I also think it really takes a lot of courage for his country to compete and to withstand the pressure. I have a lot of respect for everyone who puts himself there. Because the support from the country itself is not always nice.

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