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Unimaginably cruel, like cruel! Torture Granny Abuses Granddaughter (7) as a disguised witch

Together with her two siblings, a 7-year-old girl, after she had no one else left, was handed over to her grandmother. What happens then you do not want to imagine.

The torture grandma
Photo: PAUL HELLSTERN / AP Photo / dpa

In September 2014, Geneva S. Robinson is dragging her 7-year-old granddaughter to the Griffin Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma, telling her she has no control over the girl.

Later, several policemen are called to the home of the Oma in Oklahoma City. What comes out is just horrible.

When the grandmother came to the hospital with her granddaughter, the doctors immediately noticed the countless burns, bruises, and bruises on the girl's joints. The police, who had been sent to the 51-year-old house, arrested Robinson when they found whips and chains there. In addition, a witch hat was found at the grandma.

The young girl tells how Robinson whipped her, beat her and pinched her ... and disguised it as a terrible, ugly witch!

In a video you can see the disguised grandma who calls herself "witch Nelda". With fingers painted green, she pinches the cheek of her granddaughter, who writhes on a bed and cries and screams she will not beat Granny and she will not be mean. "Witch Nelda", however, does not abandon her granddaughter but requires someone bring her knife and fork because evil children would be eaten.

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Robinson is said to have always warned the children that there were creatures in the attic who would come and fetch them, the girl says. Hidden face down under a green mask, the "witch" took her to the garage and hung her with a pink dog leash under her arms. Even when sleeping, the girl was sent to the garage, where she had to lie on a pair of pants as a support. Asleep, her grandmother's grandmother cut her hair off.

Since this week, Geneva S. Robinson has been convicted and sentenced to 3 times life imprisonment. Even her lawyers, the alleged Robinson's action would be due to their own bad childhood, could no longer help.

The judge sentenced Robinson after she took two more photos: one showed the 7-year-old girl before and one after she came to her grandmother. In the first picture you see a happy, radiant girl and on the second a sad girl with a shaved head and dotted with bruises.

When the lawyers objected that nobody died, Judge McElwee answered simply: "Do you know what died? The bright eyes of an innocent girl. "

Robinson's friend, Joshua Granger, who was part of Robinson's terrible actions and was even involved, was also sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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