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He was only 75 years old! Costa Cordalis is dead - now his son Lucas speaks!

This news not only shakes the world of hits. Costa Cordalis left us when we were just 75 years old. Now his son Lucas speaks.

Photo: Getty Images

Last night , Costa Cordalis died in the very circle of his relatives in Mallorca. This sad news was confirmed by his son Lucas. Opposite the Cologne Express he said: "We are all deeply sad about the loss.My father was a wonderful person, who has always stood up for others.He wanted to make people happy and he has succeeded.He is very much all of us absence."

We can only join in this and wish the family all the best and a lot of love in this sad time.

The family does not want to say anything about the cause of death, but until recently there was always great concern about the state of health of the 75-year-old. On Tuesday afternoon, Costa Cordalis said goodbye to this world and died on his beloved island of Majorca in the circle of his beloved people.