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Worrying NewsGreat concern for Naddel: She makes a fatal decision!

For months Naddels fans were very worried: She was gone! Now Naddel reports back: apparently stranded and confused ...

What's up with Naddel?
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  1. No sign of life from Naddel
  2. Naddel: "It was all too much for me"
  3. Naddel finally returns
  4. Naddel was "confused"

'Diagnosis of cirrhosis' admits Naddel in early 2017 In her biography "Rollercoaster". The years of alcoholism seemed to take their toll. "Some said, 'You will not survive the year.' "What a shock message! But for Nadja Ab del Farrang no reason to stop drinking ... Then suddenly no sign of life.

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No sign of life from Naddel

Her last Instagram post is from May of this year - a photo of her bitch Lilly. After that no post, no interview, no public appearance anymore. Of course, their fans are worried. "Hello Nadja ... what's wrong with you ... heard nothing for a long time ... read ... so far everything is ok?" Asks a concerned follower. For five months they do not get an answer.

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Naddel: "It was all too much for me"

Naddel reports back in September: "It was all too much for me", Naddel explains her disappearance to RTL. The hustle and bustle for some unsightly photos of her spreading through the net would have hurt her. In the summer she has therefore taken a break. So all harmless? The relief of a life sign from Naddel only lasts a short time.

Naddel finally answers

She is stranded in Mallorca, says Naddel. "Because of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy, all Condor flights were canceled - including mine. Alternative one-way tickets to Hamburg should suddenly cost 500 euros, they do not all have them ", she is convinced and is getting really excited. Finally, she is stuck on the holiday island - without a hotel room! But it turns out: that's not true!

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Naddel was "confused"

Naddels flight was not canceled. And she should not even fly with Condor. "I got up at four o'clock that day and was just pretty confused . I was late, ran from gate to gate and ended up confusing Condor with Ryanair, "admits Naddel on RTL, apologizing apologetically to the airline, just a bit of confusion or cause for concern for her fans?

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