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The right jacket for every figure

The perfect lenght brings little women out and the right fit makes curves look their best. We reveal which jacket fits which figure and how it can be put to good use.

For every figure there is a perfect jacket - the formula for it is: try it out and feel well!
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  1. Little women love short jackets
  2. Hip-length jackets for tall women
  3. Perfect jackets for curves
  4. Blickpunkt Waist: Jackets for slender and androgynous women
  5. The most important styling rule

Not only skirts, trousers or dresses can be disadvantageous or unfavorable for our figure. Even jackets can conjure or magic away and put us perfectly in scene. Our styling tips help you to find the new favorite jacket, in the great look and well-being always with it.

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Little women love short jackets

Little women can emphasize their upper body with short, tight-fitting jackets and like to act a few inches taller. Models that go to the hips are ideal for shorter bodies. But also the correct length of the sleeves should be considered: If they are too long, small women quickly sink into their jacket.

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Hip-length jackets for tall women

Tall women can perfectly emphasize their proportions with a hip or long model. With small details around the hips - such as a wide waistband - great women style a few inches of their height away. Also advantageous are wide and voluminous cuts that do not drag the figure in length.

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Perfect jackets for curves

Female curves are best shown in body-cut and still figure-hugging cuts . To completely conceal a figure and its curves must never be the goal. Belts or fitted jackets form the waist in this sense and conjure up a beautiful female figure without disappearing curves. The butt is emphasized by short jackets and concealed by over the Po reaching jackets. A big bosom can be replaced by a long lapel collar or a V-neck a little in the background.

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Blickpunkt Waist: Jackets for slender and androgynous women

Too narrow women who have a straight figure and a little pronounced waist will fit very straight cuts with little form least often. To emphasize hips and waist and to create a few feminine curves , their jackets should therefore be either waisted or create by volants in the chest area or peplum on the hip volume. This gives a beautiful silhouette and brings the feminine of a narrow figure to advantage. Narrow women who like androgynous or even masculine style breaks, on the other hand, can perfectly stage their straight-line figure with non-tailored long blazers.

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The most important styling rule

The most important rule for the perfect jacket for every figure is: dress, feel good and please! Every figure is unique to the human being. Our tips will help you to search, but in the end you just have to find the perfect jacket for your character and try on it.

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