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Flight MH17: German victim should not have been on board

Photo: Twitter / Heru C.

Fatima Dyczynski wanted to take another plane

Among the 298 victims of the downed MH17 flight were four Germans. A young woman originally booked a completely different flight ...

Less than a week after the launch of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, more and more details about the 298 victims are being revealed. Among the four German victims was 24-year-old Fatima . The aerospace student was on her way to Australia, where her parents live.

Especially tragic: Actually, Fatima should not sit in flight MH17 at all. But just missed the previous plane to Asia, she booked with her husband George on the future machine.

Fatima's father is a doctor and was informed by a patient that a plane from Amsterdam had been shot down. In shock, he notified his wife, who was about to make her way to the airport, to pick up her daughter from the airport.

Parents and friends have set up a memorial site for Fatima on the Internet where they share their shared memories of the fun-loving and intelligent young woman.