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Understood danger to life Dry shampoo explodes! It is really dangerous

We almost all have a can of dry shampoo in the bathroom cabinet. Practical and harmless - right? A 19-year-old woman now had a different experience: dry shampoo tore her car roof! Your mother warns: You should never do that with dry shampoo - it is life-threatening!

You can not do that with dry shampoo! Risk of explosion!
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What a shock! A huge hole gapes in the car roof, splinters are everywhere and there are burn marks "It looked as if a tornado had raged, " says shocked mother Christine Debrecht CNN. The family from Missouri (USA) puzzled for a long time what could have caused the crater in the car roof and the devastation. The answer: a seemingly harmless tin of dry shampoo!

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Dry Shampoo: The inconspicuous danger

If you leave a spray can with heat in the car , the pressure in the can increases and it explodes . The car does not even have to stand directly in the sun. Even in the shade or mild temperatures for us, a car heats up quickly. Experts warn therefore: Never spray cans - whether dry shampoo, deodorant spray or hair spray - leave in the car! Risk of explosion!

After dry shampoo explosion: urgent appeal of the mother

This experience had to make Christine Debreckts daughter. "What would have happened if she had been in the car when the thing exploded? The flying glass splinters would have been devastating. "Christine was fortunately not in the car when the dry shampoo box exploded. She only has to pay the repair costs. But it could have been different quickly. Therefore, your mother now appeals to us all: " Everyone must know that such a product can be dangerous in the car and that you should not just leave it there!"

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