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Truth about children's programSend with the mouse: This true revelation shocks all fans!

Mouse, duck and the blue elephant have declared the world to generations of children. Now big and small fans have to be strong. The creators of the "broadcast with the mouse" are shocking!

Armin Maiwald is one of the fathers of the "broadcast with the mouse"
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There are shrill loud children's programs where parents can only watch for physical pain. And then there is the "broadcast with the mouse", which we loved already in our childhood . In which we still like to watch and catch ourselves, one or the other laugh and history did not know. All the more shocking is what the creators have now been on Instagram and Twitter ...

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Stolen "broadcast with the mouse" cult?

The holes in the cheese are not made with the drill. And you can not simply copy banknotes, even if it is convenient - "Sounds weird, but is so!" If Armin Maiwald and Christoph have once again revealed a secret of this world, this cult saying is simply one of them. But now the creators admitted: The saying "Sounds funny, but is so!" Does not originally come from the "broadcast with the mouse"!

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"Sounds strange, but is so!": Where does the cult saying really come from?

For some "broadcast with the mouse" fans seems (with a wink) a childhood world to collapse: " That throws me completely off track! Could not you have kept that for yourself? "Immediately begins the great guesswork. For even the "broadcast with the mouse" -maker do not know exactly where the saying "Sounds funny, but is so!" Comes from.

  • Theory # 1: Peter Lustig could have coined the phrase "dandelion" - at that time it was even called "dandelion".
  • Theory Number 2: In the parody "Bully Parade" Christian Tramnitz leads as Peter Lustig any explanation in "Dandelion" with "Sounds weird, but is so!" A. Maybe the saying comes from that?

Maybe the question of "sounds funny, but is so!" Is indeed a case for the next laugh and story . Or we see it like this "broadcast with the mouse" fan: "Never mind, is a mausoleum. Point".

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