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Farewell shock Michael Wendler announces the sad end!

Most recently, he had to cancel a concert for health reasons. Now Wendler fans must be brave: With a personal video Michael Wendler says goodbye to his followers: "Your Micha. See you. Bye!"

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The title of the video was already suspicious : "LAST WENDLER CONCERT" posted Michael Wendler (47) yesterday on Instagram and Facebook. And indeed, the worst fears of the Wendler fans seem to be confirmed: in the clip , the pop singer says goodbye to his followers.

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Michael Wendler's last concert in October

On October 12, the last Wendler concert in Rheine takes place, explains Michael Wendler on his Facebook page. Then he says goodbye "for a long break" . "Did I miss something? Why such a long break? "Asks a shocked follower on Instagram. After all, his fans have to give up the Wendler for a full seven months !

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A post shared by MICHAEL WENDLER (@ wendler.michael) on Oct 8, 2019 at 12:46 PDT

The Wendler injured health

Until May , Michael Wendler takes a break in the US . Most recently, he had to cancel a concert for health reasons. His vocal cords were overloaded after a cold and numerous appearances - the Wendler had even lost his voice! Whether he wants to rest for health reasons or because he wants to spend more time with his Laura before Laura goes to the jungle camp, reveals Michael Wendler not. One thing is certain though: his fans will miss their "Micha"!

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