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The WollnysLavinia Wollny: So she has lost 15 pounds!

Lavinia Wollny's fans are amazed: The Wollny daughter has lost 15 kilos. And looks great! Actually a reason to enjoy. But the reason for weight loss could be worrying ...

Lavinia Wollny has lost 15 pounds
Photo: istock / LaylaBird

Lavinia Wollny had to struggle for years with excess pounds. The more her fans are now looking forward to her. Because the 19-year-old has posted photos on Instagram, where it is barely recognizable: With a flat stomach and clearly thinner than a few months ago. "Lavinia you look damn good, " raves a follower. A fan adds: "I am very proud of you because I know from my own experience how difficult it can be. Keep up the sweetness ... "But many also ask themselves, " How did you hate to lose weight? "

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Lavinia Wollny: She's silent about weight loss

But Lavinia Wollny is silent. She does not reveal how she lost weight. And above all: why. Only mother Sylvia Wollny told in a Facebook livestream that Lavinia has slimmed down 15 kilos .

Check out this post on Instagram

Every betrayal starts with trust

A post shared by Lavi Nia (@ fvck.thvm) on Jul 31, 2019 at 3:39 PDT

Concern for Lavinia Wollny: What is the reason for slimming?

As great as the photos with the new figure look like: The spells Lavinia is writing alongside her slender pics seem to be cause for concern . "Every betrayal starts with trust", is next to a photo, on the Lavinia, completely dressed in black and almost belly-free in front of the bathroom mirror. "I remain loyal to you, even though we have nothing to do with each other" next to another. In addition a black heart emoji. Is Lavinia Wollny suffering? And is not her blunt slimming a reason to be happy, but to worry? We hope it is not. And that the 19-year-old has quite deliberately and healthy weight loss . Maybe she'll tell us her slimming secret at some point.

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