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Steamers in the test: time-saving and healthy cooking!

Steam cooking is very popular in Asian cuisine.
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Cooking vegetables, meat and fish - that's one of the healthiest ways to cook. We tried three steamer .

Test winner Kenwood

Kenwood FS 560

Price 79, 99 €

Functions keep warm function, automatic shutdown, quick start, timer function.

Handling Very simple operation thanks to clear digital display.

Cleaning All parts are easy to disassemble. The plastic baskets are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher according to the manufacturer.

Special features The steam is distributed very evenly in the 3 baskets. This will finish the food at the same time.

Customer service Customer service can be reached by e-mail and telephone hotline.

CONCLUSION The ideal steamer for technology-loving cooks. The preprogrammed cooking times are a bit too short for our taste.

Philips HD 9140

Price 79, 99 €

Features programs for various foods, extra container for eggs, keep warm function.

Handling Easy to use, food is cooked evenly.

Cleaning Cleaning by hand is a bit cumbersome, but cooking baskets can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Special features Extra compartment for spices and herbs, extra-large steam attachment (eg for soups and stews). External water inlet.

Customer service Telephone and e-mail service as well as online chat. Repair service can be ordered online.

CONCLUSION Good workmanship and operability with practical detailed solutions. This steamer is our recommendation for small families.

Tefal VC 1002

Price 64, 99 €

Functions Timer with automatic shutdown, extra-fast heating.

Handling Detailed instructions, easy to use. However: A digital display is missing.

Cleaning The appliance is easy to disassemble and the cooking baskets can be rinsed clean after use in the dishwasher.

Features Juice catcher, external water inlet for convenient refilling during cooking.

Customer service Customer service can be reached by e-mail and telephone hotline. Nationwide, there are service points in larger cities.

CONCLUSION Practical, low frills and reasonably priced - the ideal entry into the world of vitamin-saving cooking.

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