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Enchanting! Mireille Mathieu: With 72 years she lets the bomb burst!

So many beautiful moments are musically connected with the wonderful singer Mireille Mathieu for all eternity. What's really behind it, the charming 72-year-old has now betrayed.

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She comes from the poorest conditions, shared a bed with four of her 13 siblings and folded envelopes in a factory to relieve the parents financially: Mireille Mathieu (72) was so grateful when a large, broad-shouldered man took her under his wing - Johnny Stark (†), the then most powerful music manager in France.

"He was a very strict man, " says Mireille Mathieu. "I did not go to school very early. He gave me instructions in French, German, English. I had to do gymnastics, dance and ride.

I had to learn everything: sing, walk, talk. "After a short pause, she says softly, " Without my late manager Johnny Stark, I would not be the Mireille Mathieu you know today. He gave me that iconic look. "And made her a real world star!

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