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End of the year comes the last issueJoko Winterscheidt announces the sad AUS!

Unfortunately, today Joko Winterscheidt has to announce very sad news. By mutual agreement, he shares the final season finale after many great reports and entertaining pages.

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The men's magazine "JWD - Joko Winterscheidts Druckzeugnis" is history after a recent issue in December. For now at least. The publishing house Gruner + Jahr (G + J) and the TV presenter Joko Winterscheidt end their joint project "JWD - Joko Winterscheidts Druckzeugnis" after two years. The latest edition of the Personality magazine will appear as the " The Great Season Finale " on 19 December, said G + J on Wednesday in Hamburg.

The circulation of just under 50, 000 copies in the market of men's magazines, although quite satisfactory, and the advertising revenues have moved to a good level, said a spokeswoman. However, the publisher and protagonist had decided to end the project for the time being, like a television relay. It could possibly be resumed later. "If it's the most beautiful, you should stop, " Winterscheidt said. Previously, the industry service "Meedia" reported on the end for "JWD".

"JWD" is a reportage magazine that was published ten times a year. At G + J, other print objects appear in conjunction with celebrities: "Barbara" and "Guido" with Barbara Schöneberger and Guido Maria Kretschmer, a health title with Eckart von Hirschhausen, a lifestyle magazine with footballer Jérôme Boateng and a Living magazine with the influencer Holly Becker.

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