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The Bergdoktor can really be proud of that! Hans Sigl: 3 months - Now the 50-year-old is bursting the bomb!

Hans Sigl inspires millions of fans as a mountain doctor, but behind the camera, the popular actor provides great news.

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A man practices renunciation: The actor has not consumed carbohydrates, sugar or alcohol for weeks. His scales are smiling.

The television actor Hans Sig l (50) has slimmed down according to own data 20 kilograms. The actor known from the ZDF series "Bergdoktor" told the magazine "Bunte": "I was rather careless when it comes to nutrition."

As for his diet, he said, "During my cure, I abstained from carbs, sugar, and alcohol for three months, ate little to no meat, which was easy at home because my wife and son Jonas are both vegetarians. There was no butter, sausage or cheese. »

Sigl has also discovered a more environmentally conscious behavior for himself and his team. " Even on the set of the" mountain doctor "now everyone has instead of plastic bottles a metal bottle and gets the water from a dispenser or sometimes from the tap when we turn in the yard."

His conclusion on sustainability: "You all know what to do. Just do it! And every day. »

via DPA

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