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Bad Drama DEADLY SELFIE: Four young people are dying because of a PHOTO!

What a terrible drama! Six people wanted to capture a beautiful memory with a selfie, but now four of them are dead. Photo: Istock Four people were killed in selfie shootings in a dam in southern India, including three teenagers. For the photo, six members of two families positioned themselves in the Paambaru Reservoir in Tamil Nadu State


Healthy and beautiful hair Why we swear on deep cleansing shampoo

Deep Cleansing Shampoo removes debris, prevents hair loss and makes your mane shine - provided you have the right one for your type! Deep cleansing shampoo: At least as important as the toothpaste. But which one do you fit your hair type? Photo: iStock / MihailUlianikov To help our hairs fit perfectly , we usually use a lot of products to keep them in shape


My little green cactus crochet tutorial for a cactus

Whether for your own windowsill, the balcony or as a gift - with this H kelkaktus you do not go wrong. Just try it on our guide. Small cactus, large leaves and guaranteed no risk of injury. Photo: naughty publisher You need this for the crochet cactus: Schachenmayr Catania (LL 125 m / 50 g) in coffee (Fb 162), apple (Fb 205) and orchid (Fb 222), 50 g each Crochet hook 2


A splash of color for your homeThis brings the summer to your home!

Mood enhancer wanted? Then get paint in your four walls. We have found an art print, at the sight of which we immediately feel in summer mood. Sweet and crisp - that's the way summer tastes at home! Photo: FollowTheFlow / iStock Sometimes it just has to be some color and immediately our mood changes


My little green cactus sewing instruction for oven gloves with cactus pattern

With these oven gloves in the cactus pattern there is guaranteed no risk of injury! But they look all the fancier and just wait to find a place in your kitchen. Our cactus oven mitts can touch you without hurting yourself! Photo: naughty publisher Size: 26 cm What you need for the oven gloves: Oven gloves in white (craft supplies) Textile dyeing in pistachio dyeing salt Fabric pencil in black Craft felt in pink, pink, yellow and orange needle and thread And this is how it's done: 1


Nicely wrapped knitting instructions for two pillow cases

Since cushion covers wear over time, we sometimes have to take care of a few new ones. These two cushions in the maritime style would love to grab the place on your sofa! Whether for outdoors or indoors, these cushions look chic everywhere. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the cushion cover: Model A (striped): Schachenmayr original Punto in white (Fb 00001) and indigo (Fb 00056) each 150 g Model B (uni): Schachenmayr original Punto in white (Fb 00001) 300 g per pillow 1 Opti zipper S 40, 35 cm long in white, Art


Everything in one place sewing instructions for a flower utensil

Are you looking for an idea to store various trifles practically and visually appealing? Then this flower utensil may be just right for you! Just try it out with our guide. Practical: The utensil is not only suitable for the kitchen. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the flower utensil: Floral fabric (department store) Checkered fabric (department store) Roundwood (hardware store) Velvet ribbon (department store) tape measure French chalk fabric scissors pins Sewing machine with matching yarn saw And this is how it's done: 1


Pretty wrapped knitting instructions for two different windlight covers

Candles are always in season - a new coat of paint for our lanterns would be appropriate in between, we find. That's why we crochet these lanterns with our instructions! Our windlight covers come in two different patterns. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the windlight covers: Windscreen cover in ajour ribbed pattern (left) (finished size, unstretched: circumference 20 cm, height 11 cm): Schachenmayr original Catania Fine in white (Fb 01000), 50 g (1 ball is enough for four windlight covers) Needle game 2-3 Glass wind light with wooden base diameter 8


Crochet tutorial: Home decor: This pouf you can easily crochet yourself!

Cozier than any chair is this slightly crocheted pouf On the pouf you can sit or put off decoration ... Photo: Deco & Style , The floor cushion made of different colored wool can be used as a seat or to comfortably lay down your feet. That's what you need: Material: Lana Grossa quality "Bingo" (100% virgin wool (merino extrafine, machine washable), LL = approx


For large and small N hanleitung for a teddy bear

Is not this Teddy cute? In keeping with the good weather, he has thrown himself into a floral robe and is just waiting to be sewn by you. Our little floral teddy is looking for a new home! Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the little flower teddy: Floral fabric approx. 2x DIN A3 Felt in light blue approx


For warm days sewing instructions for a picnic blanket

Barbeque with friends or have a romantic picnic outdoors? No matter, this picnic blanket is the right choice for every situation. Try to sew them. Perfect for the summer: Our picnic blanket for self-sewing Photo: deco & style What you need for the picnic blanket: Fabric / fabric cut: each Rowan fabric: one strip of 30 x 110 cm Ferns Art


For big and small sewing instructions for a turtle

It may not be the fastest, but this turtle is sugar! Just try it on our guide. This little companion is guaranteed to bring a good mood. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the turtle: 7 different colorful fabric remnants white felt in DIN A4 black felt French chalk fabric glue fiberfill fabric scissors pin Sewing machine and matching yarn sewing needle And this is how it's done: 1


Crochet Easter crochet pattern for Easter earrings in egg shape

Do you still need decoration for Easter? Then quickly hooked on the crochet hooks and these Easter plugs in egg shape! With our guide you can really do it yourself. For quick and easy Easter decorations, these Easter plugs are wonderful. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size of eggs: height about 7 cm You need this for the Easter plug eggs: Schachenmayr Catania, 50 g ball: Color 00106 (white) 1 ball or rest Color 00410 (coral) 1 ball or rest Color 00263 (soft apricot) 1 ball or rest Color 00399 (mallow) 1 ball or rest Color 00392 (yellow-green) 1 ball or rest Color 00385 (mint) 1 ball or rest Check th


Easter Crochet Crochet Pattern for pot holders in egg shape

Easter can come: These oven mitts not only protect you perfectly when baking, they also manage to bring Easter to you now. Quick and easy self-made with this guide. With these oven mitts nothing can go wrong at Easter. Photo: MEZ GmbH Size: about 13 inches wide, about 19 inches high This is what you need for the egg potholders: Schachenmayr Catania Grande, 50 g ball Color 03208 (lilac), 1 ball Color 03213 (dahlia), 1 ball Color 03385 (mint), 1 ball Color 03106 (white), 1 ball Check the bands and use only balls of the same color lot


Easter crochet Crochet pattern for a bunny bookmark

May we introduce you? This is Bella, our book bunny. Whether for your children or for yourself, you can easily knit this bookmark yourself with this guide. With Bella, our bunny bookmark, you'll never forget where you stopped reading. Photo: DROPS Design A / S You need this for the rabbit bookmark: Garnstudios DROPS ALPACA 50 gr


Easter decoration deco pattern for Easter balls in the shape of a basket

This cock is not beeping, but it is still cute! Just knit it for your little ones at Easter. Or for yourself? Cute does not go: This K ken is looking for a new home. Photo: DROPS Design A / S Size: about 8 cm in diameter You need this for the chick trailer: Garnstudios DROPS ALPACA 50 gr. Fb. No. 100, natural a residue Fb


TutorialWith N hanleitung: How to make Easterkerk

These sweet easter chicks should not be missing in your deco Photo: deco & style Now it will be cuddly This Easter decoration may not be missing this year. Make this Easter chick with our sewing instructions and decorate your table with it. That's what you need for the fabric chicks: sewing machine Template for the Easter chicks material French chalk fabric scissors pin felt fiberfill Sewing and embroidery needle embroidery thread craft wire wire cutter double-sided adhesive tape Here you will find the template: And that's how easy it is: 1


For the Easter Eggs Crochet Pattern for Bunny Egg Warmer

Soon it will be time again: It is Easter and we can decorate Easter. How about these rabbit egg keepers? Made easy with this manual. These eggwarmers give their easter eggs their easter bunny. Photo: DROPS Design A / S This is what you need for the egg warmer: For the light rabbit: DROPS MERINO EXTRA FINE by Garnstudio a rest color 100, natural DROPS KID-SILK from Garnstudio a rest color 01, natural DROPS BIG MERINO a rest color 16, light pink For the gray rabbit: DROPS MERINO EXTRA FINE by Garnstudio a rest color 05m, light gray DROPS KID-SILK from Garnstudio a rest color 10, gray (dark versio


NähanleitungHo you sew yourself a hen for the Easter brunch

Easter is approaching and thus planning for the extensive Easter brunch. We have a great guide for a self-sewn hen, in which the colored Easter eggs can be presented pretty. Photo: DECO & STYLES EXPERTS You need this: ● Computer, printer and paper ● Cotton fabric in red ● cotton fabric in beige with dots ● Feathers (craft shop) ● 2 wooden beads in brown ● scissors ● tailor's chalk ● pins ● Sewing machine and matching yarn And this is how it's done: 1. Download, print


DIY instructions DIY: Label storage glasses in country style

Wonderfully nostalgic! Decorate your storage jars with our labels. Photo: deco & style Templates for printing With these pretty labels in nostalgic cross-stitch you have all kitchen utensils quickly at hand! You will find the free sample and instructions exclusively with us! What you need for the storage jars: Computer and printer Tattoo film (Zweckform, My Design InkjetTattoofolie, A4, transparent 2 sheets, about 10 €, Saturn) Storage jars (CORK, box with lid, clear glass, 2.9


For big and small crochet instructions for a pony

This sweet pony feels good in every stall. Just give him a new home and crochet it for your little ones or even for yourself! To ride on the pony is a little too small. It is snuggled but much the better! Photo: EMF What you need for the pony: Cotton yarn (LL 100 m / 50 g) in light brown, 100 g white, dark brown, 50 g each and gold, leftovers Safety eyes (Ø 20, 0 mm) Crochet hook 3, 5 mm Crochet Hook 4.


Animal DekoHkel guide for an elephant

This gray pachyderm makes great on every wall. Just try to crochet it with this guide for your little one's room. Guaranteed cuteness! This elephant could almost be considered genuine. Photo: EMF You need that for the elephant: Medium virgin wool (LL 80 m / 50 g) in gray, 200 g and offwhite, 50 g Crochet hook 4