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Manual light bags

Candlelight makes the Easter brunch even more comfortable. In paper bags decorated with decoupage technology, every vile tealight becomes a real highlight. Just in time for Easter: These bags are quick and easy homemade. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this: Sandwich bags paper napkins scissors napkins glue brush pinking shears tealights glasses And this is how it's done: Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS 1) Cut out motifs from Easter paper napkins and remove the top layer


Quick test What diet suits me? This test tells you!

The question "Which diet suits me?" have you already asked yourself? Then you are right here. Because we have a test for you, which shows you the answer. Which diet suits me? The answer to this question comes from a simple test. Photo: iStock / AJ_Watt Not every diet is suitable for every person


Of course, nice instructions for the production of salt soap

Even more DIY ideas from us: This salt soap is very easy to make yourself and supports your natural beauty. Just try it! With this soap you are guaranteed to get everything clean. Photo: EMF This is what you need for the salt soap: 250 g of coconut oil (25%) 300 g almond oil (30%) 250 g olive oil (25%) 100 g castor oil (10%) 100 g jojoba oil (10%) 125


Everything is well attached Crochet Pattern for Bärchen Magnets

These fridge magnets in bear design hold everything securely and firmly in place. Try yourself and crochet yourself! With these sweet magnets one likes to go to the fridge once more. Photo: EMF This is what you need for the Bärchen magnets: Fine cotton yarn (LL 140 m / 50 g) in white, camel, yellow and turquoise, leftovers Cotton yarn in black, rest Crochet hook 2.


Naturally nice instructions for the production of honey soap

Mmh that smells good! We almost have to be careful that we do not simply eat the soap. Just make the honey soap yourself with this manual. This soap does not just look good, it also smells wonderful! Photo: EMF You need this for the honey soap: 450 g of distilled water (increased amount of water due to the exclusive use of solid fats) 134


DIY inspiration Crochet pattern for a tree trunk draft stopper

Do you have a problem with drafts or do you find this tree trunk draft stop just nice as a decoration? Well then, quickly get to the crochet hooks! It pulls? Just pushed this draft stopper outside the door and the problem is solved! Photo: EMF What you need for the draft stopper: For the tree trunk: Medium virgin wool (LL 80 m / 50 g) in beige, 200 g and brown, 50 g Crochet hook 5, 0 mm 1 draft stopper For the mushrooms: Medium-high new wool (LL 80 m / 50 g) in white, dark red and light red, leftovers Crochet hook 4


For big and small crochet instructions for a cute piggy

Sweet and cuddly: It does not matter if it's for you or your little ones - this piggy loves to be loved by everyone and is crocheted just as fast and easy! This piggy would certainly like to move in with you! Photo: EMF That's what you need for the piggy: Cotton yarn (LL 125 m / 50 g) in pink, light green, white, light blue, 50 g each, blue and dark gray, leftovers Crochet hook 2


Of course, nice instructions for the production of soap cupcakes

You would like to try something new? Then just make this soap in cupcake form yourself! With our instructions she is made very easy. You should not eat these cupcakes. Photo: EMF What you need for the soap cupcakes: Recipes Floating Soap Topping (Meringue or Whipped Soap) The formula should always contain at least 70-80% solid fats


Of course, nice guide to making soap with waves

Soap does not always have to look the same, does it? That's what we think, so we'll tell you here how you can easily make soap with wave patterns at home. This soap keeps clean and looks great too! Photo: EMF That's what you need for the soap: 330 g of distilled water 137 g NaOH (7% superfatting) 150 g of cocoa butter (15%) 250 g of coconut oil (25%) 500 g olive oil (50%) 100 g rapeseed oil (10%) PÖ Love Potion (Mac Soapy or Gracefruit) 1-2 g Pigment Dark Pink and Pigment Blue Powder (Behawe) 5 g activated charcoal and titanium dioxide (Behawe) Alcohol (95%) for spraying Taiwan Swir


Organizational talentN hanleitung for a memo board

There's a mountain called Notitzen, here randomly flying pencil - but that's over. Thanks to this memo board, you can soon see the chaos on your desk again. With our sewing instructions you are guaranteed to succeed! Finally, there is order in your workplace. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the memo board: Solid linen fabric eyelets Paper for the templates Cloth remnants with floral pattern Tape measure / ruler French chalk fabric scissors pins sewing machine And this is how it's done: 1


Cozy get-together Sitting instruction for a back cushion

Stop hard benches! With this colorful back pad, nothing stands in the way of a comfortable stay on the bench. N h the pad quickly and easily yourself. With these back cushions one still likes to sit longer. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the back pad: Fabric with paisley pattern: twice 112 x 82 cm and six times 28 x 5 cm (Karstadt) Volume fleece for ironing 110 x 80 cm French chalk fabric scissors Iron pin Sewing machine and matching yarn sewing needle And that's how easy it is: 1


Bye dirty laundry! Sewing instructions for a laundry collector

Popular on all sides: the chair that collects worn laundry - but not really nice to look at. This laundry collector now finally creates a remedy - it does not only look good, but also much neater. Whether you set it up in the bedroom or in the bathroom is up to you. And best of all, you can easily sew it on


Animal decoration instructions for a frame with birds

All birds are already there: Make this frame with birds quickly and easily yourself. It is guaranteed to fit into any home, I promise! These birds could become your new animal housemates. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the birds in the frame: 2 wooden strips, cross-section 3 cm x 1


For large and small crochet pattern for a penguin doorstop / cuddly toy

With a height of almost 30 centimeters, this cute little animal has enough power to stop doors. Or just the right size to warm the bed. The decision is entirely up to you ... Cuddly toy or doorstop? This penguin can be used flexibly. Photo: Deco & Style Experts You need that for the penguin: Lana Grossa quality "McWool Cotton Mix 80" (50% cotton, 50% polyacryl, X = approx


Crochet InstructionsTutorial: How to crochet decorative covers

Hussen beautify every planter! With this guide you make the flower pot itself a highlight and crochet your personal decoration - also great as a gift! With the crocheted Hussen each pot becomes a jewel Photo: Deco & Style You do not know what to do with your old pots? We have an idea ... How about self- crocheted Hussen


Crochet Tutorial: Flower plaid for self crochet

Even Crocheted Flower Plaid: With this tutorial you can crochet your own hexagon motif blanket. Cuddly and pretty: cover made of hexagon motifs for even crochet Photo: Deco & Style Experts Size: approx. 176 x 132 cm [L x W] Material : Lana Grossa quality "Organico" (100% (organic) cotton, LL = approx


Seeeehr cozy sewing instructions for a yoga pillow

A yoga pillow should really be part of the basic equipment when you start meditating. You will even have double friends with a self-sewn one. We'll show you how easy it is to sew the pillow. Colorful basic equipment invites you to meditate. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the yoga pillow: Computer, printer and paper Fabrics with different patterns Sewing machine and matching yarn 2 buttons fiberfill paper scissors fabric scissors French chalk pins sewing needle And that's how easy it is: 1


Trendy bag jewelry Instructions for crocheted flowers

These pretty crocheted flowers you can use versatile: Whether a bag or on a glove, they look great everywhere! These crochet flowers you can easily crochet yourself. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the crocheted flowers: Knit-Wit Set (device, needle and manual) (by EFCO) different types of wool (department store) Pearl (craft shop) Handbag or gloves (department store) scissors sewing thread needle And this is how it's done: 1


Crochet instructions for potholders Instructions: Yes, you can crochet these potholders with relief pattern yourself!

New potholders complacent? No problem! With this guide, they are fast and easy homemade. We will never burn our hands again with these oven mitts! Photo: Deco & Style , The potholders with relief patterns are so pretty that we always have them handy. Crocheted from combed cotton they protect against heat and are made very quickly


In the reading fever sewing instructions for a bookend

No matter if books, magazines or notebooks - with this bookcase you can make something on the shelf or on the desk. We'll show you how easy you can look after them. This is how books are skilfully staged. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the bookend: material solid cardboard rice fiberfill Protractor / ruler pencil scissors Iron sewing machine sewing thread And that's how easy it is: 1


For big and small sewing instructions for a teddy

Is not this teddy sweet? Both big and small have fun with him and he is still very quick and easy with our instructions! You can easily make this sweet teddy yourself. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS That's what you need for the teddy: Felt z. In white and blue fabric glue Embroidery thread z. B


For our little sewing instructions for a pacifier chain trailer

You want to make your little ones happy? Then try it with this pacifier chain! It is also quite simply homemade, I promise! Every child is happy about this pacifier chain. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the pacifier chain: Felt z. In white and blue fabric glue Embroidery thread z. B

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