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Of course, nice guide to making soap with waves

Soap does not always have to look the same, does it? That's what we think, so we'll tell you here how you can easily make soap with wave patterns at home.

This soap keeps clean and looks great too!
Photo: EMF

That's what you need for the soap:

  • 330 g of distilled water
  • 137 g NaOH (7% superfatting)
  • 150 g of cocoa butter (15%)
  • 250 g of coconut oil (25%)
  • 500 g olive oil (50%)
  • 100 g rapeseed oil (10%)
  • PÖ Love Potion (Mac Soapy or Gracefruit)
  • 1-2 g Pigment Dark Pink and Pigment Blue Powder (Behawe)
  • 5 g activated charcoal and titanium dioxide (Behawe)
  • Alcohol (95%) for spraying
  • Taiwan Swirl Block Shape (Lumbinigarden)
  • 4 measuring cups
  • 4 plastic cups
  • 1 shish kebab or chopsticks

And this is how it's done:

1. Weigh distilled water and NaOH separately.
2. Carefully let the NaOH trickle into the water, observing the safety rules, stirring slowly until the sodium hydroxide is completely dissolved. Then put aside and let cool.
3. Weigh the cocoa butter and coconut oil and allow to melt in a pot at the lowest level, then remove from the heat.
4. Weigh out the olive and rapeseed oil and add to the melted fat - put the pot aside and allow to cool.
5. Weigh the scent and provide it.
6. Dissolve the colors separately in the plastic cups in a little water and set aside.
7. As soon as lye and fats have reached approx. 35 ° C, pour lye slowly into the fat / oil mixture.
8. Stir roughly with the whisk, then work briefly with the hand blender until everything is homogeneously connected.
9. Divide the soap paste in equal parts over the four measuring cups.
10. Distribute the colors on the measuring cups and lift well under the soap paste with a whisk.
11. Distribute scent to each quarter also on the measuring cup.
12. Now starting with the first color, fill the four chambers of the soap mold. First, put only a little soap paste in each chamber. So you have at the bottom of the form a base that no longer mixes. Then distribute the soap glue evenly on the chambers.
13. Then carefully pull out the dividers.
14. Using a chopstick, starting at the left edge of the shape, draw a U from top to bottom until you reach the right edge of the shape. Then you lead the chopstick in clockwise or counterclockwise inside along the edge of the mold, z. B. starting at the top left corner: from top left at the bottom to the bottom left, then from bottom left to bottom right and then to the top right, then again from top right to top left. This process is repeated about three to four times. The previously drawn wave pattern then swings in the direction in which you have traced the edge of the block shape inside.
15. Spray with alcohol (95%) and cover with the lid. Then insulate with blankets or towels.

Important: Once the block has been removed from the mold, do not slice the soap bars as usual, but along the long edge of the block. Thus, the pattern of the Taiwan Swirl is formed on the finished soap bar.
Tip: Consider two very bright and two darker ones for the colors. So the pattern will be even better later.

Here is the guide for you to download.

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