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7 scary decoration ideas for your Halloween party

Halloween is not just for kids. How about 31 October with a scary party? We deliver the matching deco, which you can tinker easily. With these deco ideas, we get really excited to throw a Halloween party Photo: deco & style content 7 awesome party decoration ideas for Halloween Halloween pumpkins Halloween Napkin Ring Halloween Candy bar Magnifying glasses with a scary look Icehand for the punch Halloween nameplates Halloween Pennant 7 awesome party decoration ideas for Halloween Halloween pumpkins That's what you need for the Halloween pumpkins: Acrylic paint in black, white and orange


Letter to my mom "Do not let me get down, be naughty and wild and wonderful!"

Dear mum, These days, sayings on mugs, t-shirts, and even jute bags are completely inflationary that mommies are superheroes. But, you know what? That's what you are for me: a superheroine. Without a cape and almost always without applause, but always with all my heart. Photo: iStock "He who is strong must be good too


For the coziness sewing instructions for a bird cushion

Cosiness is very important to us. So what's better than a cozy pillow that looks pretty, too? It's easy to sew yourself with this guide. These pillows make your sofa even more relaxed! Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the pillow: Vliesofix (department store, fabric department) floral fabric remnants Chalk pen (department store) Pillowcase (department store) fabric scissors dishtowel Iron Sewing machine with matching yarn And this is how it's done: 1


Chic kitchen helper sewing instructions for a oven mitt

New oven mitts compliant? No problem! Our gloves protect you from the heat and look really chic. With this guide, simply selfgen ht! With these oven gloves, you will never forget again. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the oven glove: Vliesofix 2 different fabrics, blue and green with pattern (haberdashery) Potholder Glove Lace (haberdashery) Sewing machine and matching yarn in white and purple (haberdashery) Iron fabric scissors tape measure pins And this is how it's done: 1


For large and small sewing instructions for a fabric cat

You would like to have a new roommate? This cat would love to move in with you! Just sew them yourself with this tutorial. Something sociable? Then make friends with this cute cat. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the cat: floral cotton fabric Motif template made of cardboard (eg a cat) Textile pencil (haberdashery) pins Filling cotton (craft shop) dried rose petals (department store) yellow satin ribbon (craft shop) Sticktwist in purple embroidery needle Sewing machine and yarn Zigzag scissors fabric scissors And this is how it's done: 1


Rein in the Puschen sewing instructions for cozy slippers

Whether you use the slippers themselves or give them away - we can highly recommend these treads. Just sew them with this guide yourself. You will never have cold feet again with these slippers! Photo: deco & style This is what you need for the slippers: Felt panel, approx. 5 mm thick in gray (eg a placemat, approx


Sewing cuddly toys yourself: sweet mice from scraps of fabric

Sew colorful mice yourself: The cute stuffed animals are the ideal remnants of our old materials and craft items. The little cuddly mice are the ideal remnants for all substances Photo: Deco & Style You can never have enough of the cute rodents. Even beginners can easily put the little mice together from fabric scraps, felt for the ears and sequins for the eyes


Quick and easy manual for decorative paper stars

You still miss a little bit of winter decoration? No problem! For these paper stars you only need a few bread slices, scissors and some glue. These paper stars are still an eye-catcher after Christmas. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the paper stars: 8 bread bags scissors glue stick And this is how it's done: 1


Pretty gifts crafting instructions for gift bags

Wrapping in wrapping paper is too boring for you? Then try it with these chic gift bags. With our instructions, they are quickly and easily crafted! Perfect for small gifts: In these bags you can pack your Christmas gifts. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the gift bags: various paper bags (eg sandwich bags, packaging paper bags) Book pages from old books Stamp and inkpad black paper File clips (office supplies) small clothespin white fabric ribbon black lace ribbon Schleierkraut tape double-sided adhesive tape scissors And this is how it's done: 1


Decorative n henN hanleitung for decorative fabric pears

These fabric pears look so real that you get hungry when looking! Make it quick and easy with this guide. These fabric pears are not there for eating. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS This is what you need for the fabric bulbs: materials various fabric remnants Sewing machine and matching sewing thread fiberfill green embroidery thread Felt in green (craft shop, sheet from about € 1.9


Christmas treats for a fir cushion

Are you missing ideas for this year's Christmas decoration? We help further, because the pine cushions bring Christmas into every home and with this guide, they are also homemade. When designing the fir cushions, you can let your creativity run wild. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the fir pillow: blue and red yarn various fabrics (Fabfab over fabrics


Animal Bookmarks Crochet Pattern for Samson Pig

Do you want to make a very special bookmark for yourself or your little ones? Then give Samson, our pig, a chance. With this guide, it is no longer difficult to give him a new home. Samson is not alone: ​​In his book he brings many more friends. Photo: naughty publisher That's what you need for Samson: black yarn white yarn pink yarn pink yarn And this is how it's done: HEAD: The head in pink in Kreisrd arb. 1s


Come what wool! Crafting instructions for a decorative bottle cover

Bottle shells are the special detail if you want to give away a bottle or if you want to place the particularly good olive oil or the delicious wine on the shelf. Our sweet bottle cases have one more advantage: we do not even have to knit them for them. Hard to believe: The decorative bottle cases were once a sweater Photo: Deco & Style The pretty covers are simply made from an old sweater


In Doppelpack Bastelanleitung for this sweet snowman pair

It's getting wintery. If you want to redecorate now, you should definitely try our snowman couple. The instructions are here. Join us this winter: the sweet snowman couple Photo: Deco & Style That's what you need for the snowman couple: White wool (haberdashery) 3 shashlik skewers (grocery store) 3 small, black ball buttons (haberdashery) 4 pins with black head (haberdashery) 2 pins with orange head (haberdashery) 1 black spool of thread (haberdashery) Crafting tape (craft shop) 1 white pearl (haberdashery) Piece of lace (haberdashery) 1 large ball button (haberdashery) Felt in 3 sh


Everything stowed away very handy instructions for pretty boxes

You need some new craft ideas again? How about these practical boxes? With this guide they are very easy homemade. These boxes are not only practical, they also look great. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS You need this for the boxes: materials Linen fabric in pink round white box (eg set of 3 "nostalgic", 10, 99 €, Ikea, branches www.i


DecorationAbstract images for your home that look great and are affordable

From abstract pictures you do not understand too much? Never mind (we do not yet)! We introduce you to the most beautiful pieces that make a lot and are still affordable. Of course, our art will be delivered directly to your home - and all with just one click in the Wunderweib Shop. Art on the walls makes every home a home


For big and small knitting instructions for a cute teddy

This teddy is looking for a new home. With this guide, you can knit it yourself and fulfill its wish! This teddy can both sit and stand. Decide for yourself! Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS The abbreviations at a glance: M: mesh R: row Rd: Round Edge M: edge stitch str: knit wdh: repeat That's what you need for the teddy: Schachenmayr / SMC "Extra Merino" (100% virgin wool (Merino superwash, length approx


Cuddly warm knitting pattern for a blankie

When it gets cold outside, we prefer to lie down on the sofa with a cuddly blanket. With this guide, you can make yourself the cuddly blanket yourself! Cozy and beautiful: this blanket fits every sofa. Photo: Initiative Handarbeit You need this for the cuddly blanket (size: approx. 140 x 140 cm): Lana Grossa Alta Moda Superbaby ", 67% virgin wool merino, 30% baby alpaca, 3% polyamide, running length 60 m / 50g


Come what wool! Knitting instructions: Knitting hose for upholstered furniture

Since one has the same upholstered furniture for years ... So soft: knit hose for upholstered furniture Photo: Deco & Style No wonder these will get boring someday. So we do not have to buy new furniture to buy, we have some thought: how about a new shell for the furniture? Such a new relationship brings change and makes the furniture look new


For cold days Knitting Pattern for a blanket

When it gets cold outside, we like to cuddle up in cozy warm blankets. With this guide, you can knit this cozy blanket yourself. Perfect for cuddling: This blanket is perfect for the cold season. Photo: DECO & STYLE EXPERTS What you need for the ceiling: Evento "by Lana Grossa (65% cotton, 35% virgin wool extra fine merino): about 900 g in slate / nature (Fb


Warm winter knitting instructions for a nice hot water bottle cover

What would winter be like without a hot water bottle? We can not do without it in the season and have knitted a cover for even more coziness. So beautiful and so cozy: Our self-made wrapper for the hot water bottle Photo: Deco & Style What you need for the hot water bottle cover: Schachenmayr / SMC Extra Merino (100% virgin wool, length approx


DecorationDeco Nursery: Not only do you make kids happy

Are you looking for your little ones an individual and chic decor? This works with decoration in the nursery : We have found products that really not everyone knows and with which you enchant every nursery. Deco nursery: In a nursery with decoration makes playing twice as much fun! Photo: iStock / evgenyatamanenko For our little ones we all want the best

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