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Naturally nice instructions for the production of honey soap

Mmh that smells good! We almost have to be careful that we do not simply eat the soap. Just make the honey soap yourself with this manual.

This soap does not just look good, it also smells wonderful!
Photo: EMF

You need this for the honey soap:

  • 450 g of distilled water (increased amount of water due to the exclusive use of solid fats)
  • 134.8 g NaOH (7% superfatting)
  • 100 g of cocoa butter (10%)
  • 250 g babassu oil (25%) - alternatively coconut oil, please recalculate amount of NaOH in this case!
  • 650 g olive oil (65%)
  • 30 g PÖ Scottish Honey Blossom (Mac Soapy / Gracefruit) or PÖ Oat Milk & Honey: darkens in the soap to a beige (Behawe)
  • 130 g of honey
  • blister
  • optionally an additional 50 g of beeswax - in this case, the amount of NaOH increases to 138 g
  • Block shape or brownie shape (silicone)

And this is how it's done:

1. Weigh out 400 g of distilled water and NaOH separately.
2. Carefully let the NaOH trickle into the water, observing the safety rules, stirring slowly until the sodium hydroxide is completely dissolved. Then put aside and let cool.
3. Weigh all solid fats (optionally also the wax) and let melt in a pot at the lowest level, then remove from the heat.
4. Weigh out the olive oil and add it to the melted fats - put the pot aside and allow to cool.
5. In the meantime, lay out the mold with the bubble wrap.
6. Weigh the scent and provide it. Stir honey with 50 g of warm water and set aside.
7. As soon as lye and fats have reached approx. 35 ° C, pour lye slowly into the fat / oil mixture.
8. Stir roughly with the whisk, then work briefly with the hand blender until everything is homogeneously connected.
9. Now add the prepared honey-water mixture and stir briefly with the hand blender until homogeneous. Then add the scent and mix with the whisk.
10. Pour the soap paste into the mold. Since the soap must be covered anyway, you can use this again bubble film. In this way, the pattern appears on both sides of the soap.
11. Do not insulate if the soap is to keep a lighter color. On the other hand, it must be isolated if the soap is to have a medium to dark brown color. Due to its high honey content, this soap needs 10-12 weeks of maturation.

Here is the guide for you to download.