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What a mirror means in a dream

Dream Interpretation: Mirror

When a mirror appears in the dream, self-knowledge may be imminent. However, the mirror in the interpretation of dreams also has other meanings.

What a mirror means in a dream
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Which are these, we reveal here.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ... Who looks in the mirror in the dream, may have subconscious worries and fears. But thinking about the opinions of others is normal. If the dreaming tries to be someone other than himself, this is expressed in the dream interpretation by a mirror without mirror image. A broken mirror image in turn means a distorted self-image.

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Dream Interpretation: Mirror as a fear of old age?

In addition, the mirror can also stand for wrong behavior towards others, for example, lies. The mirror image shows what should be changed. But the mirror is according to the dream interpretation, according to another clue: As with the evil stepmother in "Snow White" the dream symbol plays an important role in terms of age, because he shows mercilessly every wrinkle. Thus, a mirror in the dream can also stand for fear of getting older or concern for one's own health.

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