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Windlight with Marienbild

  • Scissors (fine and pointed)
  • Stumpenkerze
  • white cardboard
  • Pencil and glue
  • 1 glass (from the stock)
  • Transparent Paper
  • 1 roll of gold ribbon
  • Copy shop

1. Copy and cut out Mary's picture.

2. Copy the star stencil, enlarging it by 250%. Then transferred to cardboard.

3. Glue the image of Mary on the cut-out star.

4. Knock out the glass with translucent paper and place the pillar candle in place.

5. Tie the picture of the Virgin Mary with the gold ribbon on the outside of the glass (possibly fix with glue).

Do not allow candles to burn unattended and avoid drafts. Keep the burning bowl clean. If the candle smokes, wick shorten something. Only burn the candle on an incombustible base.

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