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So you convince your in-laws of you

If one does not get along with the other's parents, it can put a strain on the relationship, we'll tell you how best to handle the situation - and change it!

The moment when you meet the future in-laws for the first time, we all know each other.

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Pure excitement. Are my hair sitting, have I got a spot on my shirt ?! And hopefully they like me. You can not choose your dear relatives, but we'll tell you how best to deal with them if his family did not join your fan club directly.

Your mother-in-law shows you quite clearly that she feels that you are not good enough for her son or daughter? The best way to change that right now is to go straight . This has even been proven by a study. According to this, the "I'm really the right one for your child" way is most effective. So instead of buying presents and flowers, talk to her from woman to woman.

The study also found out how not to try and calls it the "tell them I'm good enough" variant. This means: Do not avoid your in-laws and the situation in which you send your partner. If you take it into your own hands, then you can also deal directly with you as a person. What brings nothing, it is the thing to keep quiet or possibly even threatening that they are not allowed to see the grandchildren. Also, the question of " Why are you so mean to me" puts you in a rather weak position and puts you right in the defense. Better to straighten up, say why you fit terribly fabulously into this wonderful person who is her son . This shows you right away that the parents did a lot right!

Oh and a little hint: Surprisingly, the study showed that it is easier to convince mothers than fathers. Well, we can manage that, girls!

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