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Hermès: Birkin Bag & Co. smell like Marijuana

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Expensive bags stink the customer

They are the perfect symbiosis of craftsmanship and exclusivity - and they stink. This unfortunate experience now had to make some owners of Hèrmes luxury handbags.

A Hermès bag is an investment for life. Finally, the prices for a Birkin Bag start at 5, 000 euros and have virtually no limit. Of course, once you have leafed through the fabulous amount, you naturally want the new statement piece to show its most beautiful side.

So it's understandable that customers indignantly complained about their bags in various Hèrmes boutiques when they made some strange smells. There is talk of marijuana or simply skunk odor, which appears to occur in excessive heat. The culprit, according to Hèrmes boutique employees, is a badly tanned leather delivery.

The embarrassing incident not only affects the famous Birkin Bag, but also the Kelly Bag and the Elan Clutch . The customers were told that the affected bags would be sent back to Paris, where they want to replace the evil-smelling leather pieces.

Pretty annoying, the waiting list for some of the Hermès models is at least two years old.

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