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Bye dirty laundry! Sewing instructions for a laundry collector

Popular on all sides: the chair that collects worn laundry - but not really nice to look at. This laundry collector now finally creates a remedy - it does not only look good, but also much neater. Whether you set it up in the bedroom or in the bathroom is up to you. And best of all, you can easily sew it on. We'll show you how it works.

Dust wicks quickly disappear from your eyes with this waste collector.

That's what you need for the laundry collector:

  • Cotton fabric in Oragen
  • Cotton fabric in blue
  • Iron-on nonwoven Decovil light (department store)
  • Cannelé molds
  • Fabric paint in white (Javana Tex Sunny, 20 ml, item no .: 90911, 2, 79 €,
  • Stupfpinsel (craft shop)
  • tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • Iron
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn, sewing needle

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut fabrics to size: fabric in orange: 1 circle with diameter 45 cm for the ground; 1 rectangle of 125, 6 x 60 cm for the sides fabric in blue: 1 circle with diameter 45 cm; Cut 1 rectangle of 125.6 x 60 cm.

2. Cut to size the Decovil light fabric (1 circle diameter 45 cm, 1 rectangle of 125.6 x 60 cm)

3. Iron Decovil light on the left side of the orange fabric (circle and rectangle).

4. Stamp on the orange fabric backing with the back of the box a white pattern over the entire area.

5. Lay orange and blue fabric together right side to right and stitch together all sides with the sewing machine. Attention, let small hole to turn.

6. Turn fabric through the opening, the stamped side is now outside. Sew opening with hand.

7. Sew the circle of orange and blue fabric together as well.

8. Sew the rectangle on the narrow side into a tunnel.

9. Now sew the tunnel to the ground.

The whole manual is available for download here.