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DIY instructions DIY: Label storage glasses in country style

Wonderfully nostalgic! Decorate your storage jars with our labels.
Photo: deco & style

Templates for printing

With these pretty labels in nostalgic cross-stitch you have all kitchen utensils quickly at hand! You will find the free sample and instructions exclusively with us!

What you need for the storage jars:

  • Computer and printer
  • Tattoo film (Zweckform, My Design InkjetTattoofolie, A4, transparent 2 sheets, about 10 €, Saturn)
  • Storage jars (CORK, box with lid, clear glass, 2.99 €,
  • Storage jars (BURKEN, box with lid, clear glass, aluminum, 1, 1 liter, 2, 99 €,
  • scissors
  • cloth


And that's how easy it is:

1. Download the template and print on the tattoo film according to the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Cut out the word tightly from the sheet and glue it to the glass.

3. Using a damp cloth or similar dab and carefully peel off the backing paper.

Tip: To ensure that the film adheres optimally, clean the glass well beforehand or degrease it with spirit.

Here are the instructions with templates for you to download.