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My little green cactus sewing instruction for oven gloves with cactus pattern

With these oven gloves in the cactus pattern there is guaranteed no risk of injury! But they look all the fancier and just wait to find a place in your kitchen.

Our cactus oven mitts can touch you without hurting yourself!
Photo: naughty publisher

Size: 26 cm

What you need for the oven gloves:

  • Oven gloves in white (craft supplies)
  • Textile dyeing in pistachio
  • dyeing salt
  • Fabric pencil in black
  • Craft felt in pink, pink, yellow and orange
  • needle and thread

And this is how it's done:

1. First color the oven gloves with textile dye paint in the washing machine. For the procedure and quantity of paint necessarily follow the manufacturer's instructions. As a rule, dyeing salt and textile dye are added to the laundry drum, the fabric pieces are placed over it and the washing machine is left to wash at 30 ° C in the care program.
2. Allow the gloves to dry well after the dyeing process.
3. From craft felt according to the template cut out felt flowers in different sizes and colors. Use needle and thread to sew together the individual parts of the flowers.
4. Then sew the flowers to the desired place on the glove.
5. Finally, draw with small black crayon small strokes as cactus spines.

This cactus has an extremely thick trunk that keeps out the heat and is hollow inside. It occurs in two variants: at a young age, its spines are line-shaped, in the adult state they are v-shaped.

Here are the instructions for you as a PDF for download.